VIDEO: Woonsocket DPW Girds For Winter Storm

Highway Department workers spent afternoon getting plow fleet ready to roll.


With a serious winter storm hours away from the area, and the men and women of the Woonsocket DPW were wasting no time getting the city's snowplow fleet ready to clear the roads.

Derrick Cabral, DPW foreman at the DPW's garage on River Street, supervised preparations Thursday afternoon as workers mounted snowplows on the highway department's 15 big trucks, and readied the othe eight 4X4s in the city's fleet.

Those vehicles will team up with several contractors to keep the streets clear as the winter storm settles over northern Rhode Island. 

Stay tuned to our Winter Storm Information Center for the latest on the blizzard as it occurs.

michael February 15, 2013 at 02:06 AM
I'm very disapointed with the city worker's there are to many chiefs and not enough Indians I really think we should down size the dpw. To hire people from the city that want to work! It kills me to see five guys watching one guy work am I the only one that sees that .


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