Thursday: Autumnfest Button, Costumes, Zoning, Calendar, Things

Check your drawers and pockets for the winning Autumnfest Button, and check out these things to know:


Autumnfest Button - Believe it or not, the last few lucky Autumnfest Button winners - who each could have claimed an easy $100 - passed up their chance to collect. That means a new winner has a shot, if the owner of button #753 still has it and can call in to WNRI at 401-769 - 6925 before Tuesday. A re-drawing for unclaimed button prizes will be held after that.  

Trash - Regular trash and recycling pickup is back on schedule following Hurricane Sandy. Yard waste pickup is still backed up - Monday and Tuesday's pickup will happen today. Wednesday and Thursday's pickup will happen Friday, and Friday's yard waste pickup will happen on Saturday. Got a question about all that? Call the DPW Solid Waste Division at (401) 767-8880.

Zoning - The Woonsocket Zoning Board will meet Nov. 13 at City Hall, 7 p.m. On their agenda, seven variance requests. Check out the link to see who may be planning what in your neighborhood. 

Calendar - If you've got an event you want to share with the many readers of the Woonsocket Patch, you can be your own best advocate - post it yourself to the Woonsocket Patch calendar. Fill in the blanks with your event's information, and you're good to go.

Costume Contest - Proud of your getup for Halloween this year? Did you toil long hours with makeup, needle and thread? You've got one day left in the Patch Halloween Costume Contest.  for our nationwide competition.


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