Hardy Explains Reasons For Committee Bid

Newcomer Jeff Hardy, a potential candidate for School Committee, wants to see more collaboration with state representatives.

Jeff Hardy knows the complex issues facing the Woonsocket School Committee. He's has been active participant in education affairs for years, though not as an elected official.

"I’m just a regular person that would like to try to change or make a difference in the city," Hardy said. "I’m running because I find politics very interesting. I watch and attend most city and school committee meetings."

A Woonsocket resident for 35 years, Hardy works for an information technology company called Atos as an IT OPS manager. He and wife Stacey own a home in the city, and have three children in the Woonsocket Public School system, with the oldest daughter in middle school and the two youngest at Bernon Heights Elementary.

Hardy has addressed the committee many times in the past, particularly in support of all day kindergarten. 

"I support all day kindergarten and having teacher assists in the elementary schools," he said. "We need fresh ideas and people that are not afraid to say what’s on their mind."

One place the city parent sees a need for improvement is in communication and collaboration with state and local representatives.

"My plan is to attend most of the city council meetings to give updates so the public is better informed," he said. "I feel this is lacking right now." Hardy would also like to devise a plan to bring state representatives to more City Council and School Committee meetings.

"They need to feel and understand the pain that they bring when making decisions, cut funding, or not provide funding at all," Hardy said.

"We need someone that won’t worry about the next election and work hard every day to get the job done," he added. "These next few years will be tough but I feel I’m up to the challenge."

Hardy welcomes residents to call him at 401-641-7499 or email him at Jeff.Hardy243@gmail.com to ask any questions, which he said he'll answer in a very timely manner. You can also visit his Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Jeff-Hardy-for-School-Committee/228093830575022

"This is how I feel politics should work," said Hardy. "If you hire me to do a job, that’s what I will do."

Alice September 01, 2011 at 02:33 PM
Best of luck to you Jeff. The Committee needs some new blood and fresh perspectives.
Michelle Higgins September 01, 2011 at 03:32 PM
Good Luck Jeff !


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