Woman Invades Mom's Home, Threatens Man With Knife

Woonsocket Police Headquarters is located at 242 Clinton St. Credit: Rob Borkowski
Woonsocket Police Headquarters is located at 242 Clinton St. Credit: Rob Borkowski
A woman disregarded a restraining order Dec. 5, pushing her way into her mother's home, grabbing a kitchen knife and telling a man in the house she was going to kill him.

Officer Justin Mowry, who had explained to the woman, Amanda Cote, 22, of 79 Rockridge Dr., Apt. A, the same address as her mother, Angela, that she should not return to the home without police. 

But when Mowry arrived, responding to a report of an assault at 8:10 p.m., he found Amanda and a guest of her mother, a man, in the living room, with broken pottery lying on the floor around them. Mowry spoke to the mother, daughter and guest, learning that Amanda had shown up at the house at dinner time, demanding her things. The man had told her he was aware of the restraining order and told Amanda to leave, but she demanded her belongings and he left the door to collect them.

While he was doing that, Amanda forced her way into the home and made her way to the kitchen, seizing a 6-inch, serrated, stainless steel kitchen knife, as her mother yelled at her to get out. Instead, as the man returned to the first floor, Amanda leveled the knife, which had two points at the end, at him, telling him she was going to kill him and slit his throat.

At this time, both mother and guest told Mowry they were fearful for their lives and contacted police. Before police arrived, the mother said, Amanda began walking toward the man aggressively, and he grabbed a chair, placing it between them. Amanda grabbed a cookie jar and threw it at him, breaking it on the floor. 

Mowry arrested Amanda, charging her with assault with a dangerous weapon, a felony, domestic disorderly conduct, and violating a restraining order.  


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