Police Log: Man Reports He Was Threatened With Gun, Fights Responding Officers

The following arrest information was provided by the Woonsocket Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.


Woonsocket Police risked life and limb driving in snowy conditions to make it to the home of Jody Dilazzaro, 39, of 143 Oakton St., Apt. 2 when he reported that a man had entered his apartment and held a gun to his head Dec. 29 at 6:40 p.m.

On the way through snow-slick streets, officers had to drive at 15-20 mph to avoid losing control of their cruisers. Officer Scott Breguet fishtailed several times on his way to Dilazzaro's address, according to his report. Breguet also reported that other drivers on the street were having difficulty stopping promptly to allow the cruisers to pass. 

When police arrived, they found Dilazzaro, unidentified at the time, sitting on the front steps of his building in the snow, and ordered him to show his hands, and stand up, which he refused to do. Given the nature of the call, Breguet attempted to restrain the as-yet unidentified, unresponsive Dilazzaro, who resisted violently. Officers Andrew Girard, James Cote and Justin Mowry assisted Breguet in restraining Dilazzaro, managing to handcuff him while he struggled, saying, "I called you," "I only wanted a rescue," and "He had a gun to my head."

But when the officers spoke with the other people in Dilzzaro's apartment, they found no gun, and the occupants told them no one had entered the apartment weilding one. Also, the person Dilazzaro accused of threatening him with a gun was in the ACI at the time.  

In the struggle, Cote suffered a small cut on his finger from Dilzzaro's watch. 

Dilazzaro was transported to Woonsocket Police Headquarters, and on the way he told police he had not seen a gun after all, according to reports. He was searched and found to be carrying a 3.5 inch folding knife. 

Dilazzaro was charged with filing a false report, two counts of assault of a police officer, resisting arrest and posession of a prohibited weapon.



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