OMGPD: Dog vs Mail Carrier, Crack Snack Attack

Take a look at some of the more compelling police reports from around the state.


Dog Bites Postal Worker

East Greenwich Police may have thought a reported dog bite was a prank. According to reports, police received a call that a Rottweiler-shepherd mix had charged at a woman and lunged at her arm. Normally, we wouldn’t include such a routine police item, but considering the victim’s profession – a postal worker – we made an exception. (We thought this just happened in the movies.)


You’re Doing it Wrong

On the list of places to hide your crack, one’s digestive tract is probably somewhere near the bottom. According to Woonsocket Police, a 22-year-old man (arrested on a warrant) began acting strangely once police brought him to the station. The man’s body language became slow and lethargic, said one officer. When police asked the man what was wrong, he told them he had ingested $80 worth of crack cocaine when he first saw the officers approaching him. On the way to the hospital, the man asked police if he was going to die from eating so much crack. The man did live, and only 14 hours later was arrested again – this time for punching a woman in the face.


Minivan Used as Battering Ram

Hell hath no fury like an angry ex-wife – especially if that ex-wife has a minivan and she’s not afraid to use it. According to Johnston Police, a 31-year-old woman used her Dodge Caravan as a weapon instead of a mode of transportation last week when she tried to run down her ex-husband.  The woman allegedly hit her husband in the leg and hit a mailbox during the process. When a female friend came to pick up the ex-husband, the enraged ex-wife rammed the woman’s car twice before fleeing. Police are still searching for the woman.


Three Teens, Three Arrests

The teens of East Greenwich made quite the appearance in their town’s police log last week. According to East Greenwich Police, officers arrested three teenagers during three separate incidents. The first was a 13-year-old boy who was showing off a bag of bullets to classmates. Though the boy had no weapon, possession of ammunition by a minor is a felony offense. In another case, a 17-year-old girl was nabbed for possession prescription medication at the high school. There was no proof the medication was hers and officers arrested her on the felony charge. Lastly, a 15-year-old boy (who has had a few run-ins with local law enforcement, according to reports) allegedly assaulted a 17-year-old girl on the school bus, biting her finger during the altercation. All three cases are being handled in Family Court.


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