OMG PD: Bloody Boot, Stupidity With Cars and Citizen Vigilance

Check out some of the more intriguing police reports from around the state.

Neighborhood Fight Leads to Loss of Teeth

Woonsocket Police arrested two brothers last Sunday after they allegedly beat up their neighbor and knocked out several of his teeth.

Police officers who responded to the property say the hallway had blood stains all over one area of the floor. When they went to the apartment of the suspects, officers say the man who answered was wearing a bloody work boot and barked "You got a warrant?" He then reportedly poked an officer in the chest. When officers tried to pull the man from the apartment, they say he became belligerent. Another man in the apartment, a brother, was also arrested for simple assault.

Later at the hospital, the victim explained that the dispute had started when the brothers made vulgar remarks about his girlfriend. The two reportedly swung at him and then continued to fight after he fell to the floor. One brother allegedly kicked the victim in the mouth, causing the loss of several teeth.

Man, on probation, thinks his car is a battering ram

 arrested a North Providence man for a second time in two weeks after officers said he attempted to crash his car head-on into a police cruiser during a high-speed chase.

It all apparently started when the man honked his horn in front of an ex-girlfriend's house at 5 a.m., then sped off. Police gave chase, but lost the man. He reportedly returned to the neighborhood an hour and a half later, at which point he attempted to ram his car into a cruiser driving in the opposite direction. Police attempted to keep him from leaving, but the man managed to speed away. Later that morning officers found the man at his apartment, where he reportedly began crying and said, “I [expletive] up. I can’t afford all these charges against me. I’m on probation."

Before his arraignment, the man attempted to run away. Officers gained control of him, but the suspect reportedly said it would take “a lot more than that” to get him in the cruiser because he was not going to go to the ACI. After officers were able to restrain him and place him in the back of a cruiser, he reportedly kicked the rear windows and struck his head against the plexiglass partition, creating a small cut on his forehead.

In all, the man faces felony charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, his car; eluding an officer with a motor vehicle; reckless driving, second offense; and two counts of driving with a suspended license. He was reportedly unable to post bail, and is being held at the ACI until a court appearance.

Don't touch this guy's car

Two Westerly men learned a lesson last week after they allegedly tried to . The owner reportedly saw the men approach his vehicle, which was parked in the street. That prompted him to activate his vehicle alarm and contact police. He then got into his vehicle and chased the suspects into Warren. The two men reportedly turned around on side streets and went back into Barrington trying to lose the car owner. A Warren police officer chased them as well. Ultimately, a Barrington officer stopped the suspects and arrested them. Officers reportedly also found a crowbar, a Colt 45 revolver (without a license or permit) and three fully loaded clips of ammunition in the vehicle. 

'Doughnuts' by a Playground

If a car  at 1:30 a.m. near a neighborhood playground, will anyone hear it? Apparently so. Portsmouth Police responded to the area of a local playground early Wednesday for reports that a vehicle had rolled over, then left the scene. Police later learned that the vehicle had done "doughnuts" before rolling over. Officers tracked down the driver, a 25-year-old local man, at his home. There, he allegedly became disorderly, striking an officer in the chest with his hand and resisting arrest.The man was charged with simple assault, obstruction of an officer in the execution of duty, resisting arrest, vandalism and disorderly conduct. His 21-year-old friend didn't get away clean, either, since he reportedly lied to the cops that he was in Tiverton at the time of the accident. He later admitted to being the passenger.

irene dumont April 23, 2012 at 03:11 PM
Formerly a local resident and now living in Fl.for the past 11yrs.I recently found the Woonsocket Patch and find it so much more interesting than The Call.Thank you so much for being there.Everything is much more interesting to read and the facts of everything in it is much more explicit.Thanks again. mrsspider


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