Police Log: Officers arrest feuding couple after struggle

The following arrest information was supplied by the Woonsocket Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.


An April 22 call for a domestic disturbance at 34 Franklin St., Apt. 1 at 7:19 p.m. led to a struggle between police and a local couple, resulting in injury to one officer and a trip for two to Woonsocket Police Headquarters.

arrested Nathan Andrew Tellier, 32, of 34 Franklin St., Apt. 1, on charges of simple assault, posession of marijuana first offense, domestic disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstructing an officer in the performance of their duties. Police also arrested Marisa Elizabeth Allard, 31, of the same address on charges of simple assault and resisting arrest.

When officers Matthew Mendes and Enrique Sosa responded to the scene,  they were greeted at the door by Allard, who stated she wanted Tellier removed from the property following an argument over a past relationship. She said the argument had not become physical.

Inside, they found Tellier picking up items that had been strewn across the kitchen floor. He ignored the officers. When an officer asked Tellier what had happened, he asked the officer what it looked like had happened, and didn't elaborate.

Allard replied that she had slammed a door, causing the shelves to break and causing the mess.

When asked his name, Tellier responded that he was Chris Lafarrier. Officers noticed he was near some scattered knives, and asked him to move to the kitchen table while they spoke to him. Tellier stood, but remained in place and told officers “Why don’t you just cuff me and take me to jail now.” Officers noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from him. 

Officers asked Tellier to sit down again, and he complied. Officers asked him his birthdate, and he admitted that he had given them a false name. When an officer asked him for ID, Tellier took it from his wallet and flicked it at the officer, causing it to bounce off Mendes' shirt and hit the floor.  At this point, the officers informed Tellier that he would, in fact, be taken into custody.

Tellier took the news without reaction, except to begin drinking from a can of Bud Light beer. When Mendes grasped his left, arm,  Tellier used his right hand to attempt punching the officer in the face with the beer can, and began resisting arrest. The officer and Tellier fell down in the struggle. Sosa attempted to assist, but was attacked from behind by Allard, and they also fell down in a struggle in front of the closed door to the apartment.

During the struggle, Mendes pulled Tellier away from the door at the same time a third officer arriving to assist pushed the door open, striking Mendes in the left side of the head, bruising him.

After arresting Tellier and Allard, the officers also found a smoking pipe with what later tested positive for marijuana.


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