Driver Breaks Tie Rod, Leaves Car on Singleton Street, Arrested

A Las Vegas man drove a black 2000 Ford Focus into a curb on Singleton Street early Dec. 28, disabling the car and abandoning it in the eastbound lane facing west.

He turned himself in the next day. 

Officers Patrick McGourty and Matthew Bourgoin were called to Singleton Street near the bridge for a car crash at 5:34 a.m. that day, where they found the Focus facing west in the eastbound lane, abandoned, its front end disabled, according to McGourty's report. 

The officer observed scuff marks on the curb where the Focus had apparently hit it. He called Interstate towing to have the car towed, and looked up the plates, which were registered to a Coventry woman.

Later that morning, McGourty reported he received a call from the car's owner, who told him her son Kenny had been driving the car, broke its tie rod end and had gone to the hospital after hitting his head. McGourty told her Kenny should come speak to him.

On Dec. 29, at 7 a.m., McGourty was visited by Kenneth Alford, 25, of 8810 Rancho Destino Road, Las Vegas, who said he'd been driving the car, according to the officer's report. Alford told McGourty he hadn't called police because his phone battery was dead. He said after the crash a friend had picked him up and driven him to a relative's house. 

McGourty arrested Alford, charging him with failing in his duty to stop following an accident, and driving with a suspended license. 


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