Frugal Family: School Uniforms

Don't wait until the last minute to purchase your kid's school uniform. Give yourself time to shop around.

In approximately two weeks time, another school year will begin. Do your children still fit into last year's uniforms? Considering the rate at which children grow, probably not. Although we're saved from purchasing all the latest in expensive trends and fashions, we still have to put aside enough to purchase the uniforms now required by the Woonsocket school system.

For those parents new to the area, the uniform consists of tan or black pants, shorts and skirts or capris for girls, and grey, black or burgundy shirts - generally either T-shirts or Polo shirts. The Woonsocket Public schools do sell some of the required uniform apparel on the premises, but these sales generally don't take place until after school has begun. There is still plenty of time, however, to scour the town for the best deals. The first place I usually like to check for such needed items is the Salvation Army. Sally's is currently advertising that they do indeed carry school uniforms, and in many different styles and sizes.

The Salvation Army offers clothing for men, women, children and toddlers, as well as accessories, toys, furniture and more. They offer fantastic daily sales as well as the popular 1/2 off  Wednesday sale.

Another great way to save money would be to visit a local yard sale. This is the best time of year to visit neighborhoods in search of yard sales; the weather is warm and comfortable and the kids are still on summer vacation. Aside from toys, collectibles, and furniture, many yard sales offer a variety of summer and winter clothing. Most folks sell their yard sale clothing for a pittance, and with a little patience, some great deals can be found. The chances of finding the colors and sizes you need are not perhaps as good as they would be at a store, but if you do find them, you will have hit the jackpot. Also, i'm willing to bet that many Woonsocket yard sales now include the cast off uniforms of growing children.

Wal Mart is also an option. Whereas last year they seemed to have very little in the way of uniforms, this year they seem to be much more prepared. The children's department of the local Wal Mart still has a large supply of school uniforms for both boys and girls, including polo and button down shirts, pants, skirts, and even sweatshirts. The prices at Wal Mart are, as always, extremely affordable. The pleated skirts for girls, for instance, are only $10 this year. How long their supplies will last remains to be seen, but for those parents who have yet to complete their children's school wardrobe, I'd make it a point to visit the store as soon as possible.

Some other options include Savers, which is is located on Diamond Hill Road and which, like the Salvation Army, sells gently used clothing for low prices; and Brooks Uniforms, located at 10 Main St., in Woonsocket.

Dawn Mackenzie August 17, 2011 at 12:20 PM
You also forgot Savers in Woonsocket. Not that I am promoting any place but they have great used clothes as well.
Donna D. August 18, 2011 at 02:14 AM
I bought some polo style shirts at Job Lot on Diamond Hill Rd for $5 each!
Jennifer Lynn Sanchez August 31, 2011 at 01:20 PM
old navy has great boys uniform pants for $12 which was cheaper than walmart.
Hillary John September 03, 2012 at 08:21 PM
Well you can buy some uniforms at Walmart! They do have black and grey T-Shirts but they are inspensive maybe like $8 dollars EACH and they do have pants that are khakis around $18 dollars the other day I went. But I am not so sure if they are still in stock! Maybe you might be lucky if you find it but the price is "No way!" but I did not have a choice so I had to go there and buy some! And there is one store I did not go to but I think they sell it and it is around East School Street I believe!
English first September 03, 2012 at 08:45 PM
These uniforms are cheaper than a month of cell phone usage.


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