Rookie of the Year Pro Wrestler Samantha Star By Mr Charity Christopher Annino

This article is about pro wrestling Rookie Sensation Samantha Star, she is third generation pro wrestler and has a lot to prove but has the IT factor to back her up in the ring

Samantha Star is a third generation Pro wrestler and it isin her blood to be great at this sport. The legends that flow in her blood lineare Nickla Roberts, Jake The Snake Roberts, Rockin Robin, Grizzly Smith, and SamHouston. In order to make it in this industry you have to have two of threetraits. In order to be great you have to have three of the three traits. Youhave to look it, you have to have athletic ability and you have to be able totalk it. She has all three and her being so young I only expect great thingsfrom her in the near future.  Samantha’s inring technical ability is similar to her relative former WWF women’s ChampionRockin Robin’s. Much of her in ring persona you can tell she gets from hermother Nickla Roberts.  She has adoptedher uncles signature move the DDT as her finisher also part of her arsenal sheuses The X Factor.  Samantha has alsoacted as a valet/ manager to wrestler Ty Tyson. Even though she has come from a long lineage of pro wrestling greats shehas paid her dues for sure and has worked long and hard with training. Shetrained the right way she started setting up ring taking the hard bumpslearning from mistakes and now she has perfected her skill and as of now shejust needs to gain more confidence but that will come with new bookings andmatches. Only having a handful of matches on but she has become a force to be reckonedwith on the indy circuit.    

Q: What are your views on the new age of wrestling comparedto what you have been exposed to?  

  A: “ I like the way the new age of wrestling is heading now.Back in the '90's it was about "exposure" and really raunchy, so Iwas never allowed to watch it growing up. Currently, the girls are decentlycovered in and out of the ring, and it is not sex driven. I don't thinkwrestling should be PG, but I want to see it as an actual sport instead of justratings.” .

 Q: What wrestlers inspired you?

  A: “Wrestlers that inspired me would definitely be everyonein my family, and I have always been a huge fan of Jeff and Matt Hardy, RandyOrton, CM Punk, Mickie James, and Melina. I like their work alot and theyreally act like they care about what they are doing.” .

  Q. When your in the ring what do you feel?

   A. Honestly, I am nervous before I step through thatcurtain. I am thinking about whether what I am about to do is going to work,and I will be respected, or if I am going to mess up and be looked down upon. Ifeel like I have alot of pressure on me because I do have the family line tocarry on. There are a ton of indie guys and girls that are sloppy or can'twrestle. No one really cares about them. But think about if David Flair, RandyOrton, Natalya, or any of the other kids were bad wrestlers. I hear it all thetime about how they will never be as good as their dad, or uncle, or whoever.It is pretty discouraging, but I want to be the best. .

Q. What is your dream?  

 A. My dream is to be successful in wrestling and hopefullybe a part of the WWE. I have trained really hard for the past five years tomake sure that I am the best wrestler that I can be. I have been a valet for 4years now. I wanted to learn the outside of the ring and how to play with people’semotions before I stepped into the ring. I want to make a career out ofwrestling. I like to cook, but DO NOT want to do it professionally.   .

  Q. What is the best advice given to you and why?  

  A The best advice given to me would have to be pick andchoose what you learn from others. Advice is given out in locker rooms and byeveryone, but be cautious of what you listen to. I have trained with so manydifferent guys because I have learned something different from each person.There are several ways to lock up, I chose which one feels natural for me. Itis the little things you learn that make you better. IF you only train with oneperson, you will learn their way, not yours.

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Russell Archambault May 25, 2013 at 05:35 PM


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