Hey Taxpayers ... Wake Up!

Hey Taxpayers! Time to Wake Up!

I’ve been watching and reading all of the banter with regard to the decision of the City Council to stick a supplemental tax increase on us. Well folks, they did it again — and we’re doing NOTHING to stop it. 

I appreciate Patch’s opening up their articles for discussion, but quite frankly, all I see is a venue for people to vent and argue about what has happened and what we all should do. The operative word there is “should.” 

Folks, we’re all voicing our opinions about what we’d like to see happen, who to blame, how to fix it and so on and so on.  But no one is coming up with a direction that we could all take and maybe actually CHANGE our direction for the future.

Let’s take a moment and look at what we all have here in front of us. We have people elected to offices that — from what I can see — have been elected by “the seniors in the high rises.”  OK, how did that happen? It happened because the rest of us let that happened because, collectively, we didn’t care.  It’s called apathy.  “My vote won’t matter.” 

Well, hello... YES IT DOES! 

How can you allow a candidate like Marc Dubois to be elected to the City Council? This man almost single handedly brought down the City of Woonsocket!  And we allowed his cohorts to be re-elected to the school committee as well! Have any of you ever listened to our current School Committee Chairperson speak?  If that is the product of our school system, we are all in trouble!  “Somethin’… Speakin’… Talkin’… Goin’…”  I could go on and on.

Look, rather than waste all of our collective time complaining about the way things are, how about we all come together and do something about it? I see people like Sharon Cross and Memere and so many others posting on Patch. We’re all residents, taxpayers, and in the case of the two I just mentioned, voters. We care; we’re concerned; and we want change.  Why don’t we focus on making
those critical changes happen? Folks, we CAN make those changes happen!

Bickering and finger-pointing on a public forum does nothing but insight anger in everyone. We end up taking our frustrations out on the next guy that makes a post. Why don’t we collectively focus our efforts on fixing some of the many problems that are facing us?

Let’s start here. What if we enacted a recall for those officials (mayor, City Council, School Committee) that we feel have been malfeasant in their duties, whether in their current terms or in past terms in office. Why should these people be allowed to continue to misrepresent us — their constituents?  Remove them from office!

We are all saying “cut out the cancer and stop the bleeding.” They choose to dig deeper into the pockets of those that can least afford it. Folks, what are we waiting for?

Tell me why 25 percent of the population should have to foot the bill for the other 75 pecent.  I have never been in the school system in this city. I have no children in the school system. I have relatives who have never had children in the school system, yet we have all supported the Woonsocket School System. I ask you: What about those who enjoy all the benefits at our expense? I tire of the statement “It’s all about the children!”  Tell you what.  If it’s your kid, you should pay too. Don’t sit there and tell me I should “invest” in our children’s future. Folks, it’s time to stand up and say NO MORE!

The time is now to make the officials who were elected accountable for the callous disregard of the well-being of you and me — the residents; the taxpayers; the people of this once fine city. Band together, stand up and JUST SAY NO!

One of our newest council members based his campaign on the phrase, “Push Back.” I must ask Mr. Brien: When do you propose to start to push back? We consistently are forced to swallow state mandates without funding. “You have to do this and we’re not going to help you pay for it.”  Tell me ladies and entlemen… If someone knocked on your door and said, “You need to plant 10 trees, paint your house blue, and make your living room available to all the subsidized housing residents that want to come and watch TV in your living room,” what would you say? 

I can hear all of your responses now. Simply, it would never happen.  ]So I have to ask: Why do we let it happen in Woonsocket?

Let’s come together, people. We need to take over and drive the bus. Post here with POSITIVE suggestions about how we can effect change here. I’m on board if you are. Let’s make it happen!

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DonQ April 30, 2012 at 06:13 PM
Mr Ward, You publicly stated that the City Council would investigate the deficit but you really didn't expect to find anything. As one of the taxpayers who has to pay for this travesty, I don't have much confidence in the investigation that you and the City Council will perform. I still hold out hope that the State Police will respond to the petition that was taken and come into Woonsocket and launch a proper and thorough investigation. I stand by my original posting
Russell Archambault May 05, 2012 at 01:40 AM
where would all those hard working folks work. all our factories are gone. also lets give credit to all the other ethnic groups that made our city great. All we have now for a few of us is great pride and memories.
Russell Archambault May 05, 2012 at 01:49 AM
dude and liz your right, city hall is too small.when city hall was put in the place it is now, those politicians had the foresight to know that one day that it would be the way it is, to hold citizens back from attending meetings.Or maybe they had the foresight that one day that they would have to deal with the stupidity that goes on patch and didnt want to deal with the same at city meetings. thank god for our forefathers
Russell Archambault May 05, 2012 at 01:56 AM
perhaps the mothers of children who attend schools in woonsocket could fund their own breakfast program at home. god knows their getting enough federal food stamps to feed their poor children.
Brendalee Hartland McGovern May 11, 2012 at 04:00 PM
a very simple concept: A unit of something — time, energy, money — spent on this cannot be spent on that. In other words the City of Woonsocket needs to get back to simpler times and just cut the frills they need to stop relying upon the taxpayers of the City to bail them out of the issues at hand.


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