Minimum Wage War

Natural gas vehicles offers opportunity!

Minimum wage- A wage fixed by contract or esp. law as the least that may be paid by either to employees generally or to a particular category of employees.

M.W Dictionary of Law

In 1994 I started working and the minimum wage was $4.45 per hour.  I was just turning 15 and was making $4.55 per hour and was excited at the prospect of earning money after school for myself.  Times and economic situations have changed.  In comparison to now, 2013 President Obama has gone on the stump and publicly endorsed raising the minimum wage to $9.00 per hour.  This comes shortly after the minimum wage was raised to over $7 per hour (varying state by state.)

This brings on the forces of labor versus management, big business versus small business.  While I empathize with minimum wage increases, as a tool for myself I listened to advice that was given to me.  “Keep your head to the grindstone and don’t worry about what other say.  Keep your nose clean and you will do well.”  Later though dragged off the cliff, in retrospect what I put into practice was to refine myself and to work to perfect every aspect of my professional life.  Nobody is perfect I learn from my mistakes and similarly believe that the purpose of legislation is to solve problems that exist within the current system using allowable parameters. 

A conversation with a small business owner in discussion of the minimum wage quoting from the owner, “if they raise the minimum wage then I have to pass the cost on to my customers.  As a small business owner it places the burden on me.”  I could be wrong but I think this statement was the main contention with the NFIB in their anti minimum wage sentiment.  In one of Zig Ziglar’s taped sales seminars he used an example of a gas station on a Canadian highway that gained a reputation for professional service, training their staff with a positive customer based model, adding incentives to pay.  As a result the customers were given great service, offered additional products, and the business grew.  In time, other employers would go there to hire new employees as an advancement progression.  This isn’t normal, but what I like from this is learning a skill, excelling in service, and taking on new opportunities.  This is for the individual to seek for themselves, but a great example. 

My focus for this is aimed more at the youthful workforce, as they are the bulk of the minimum wage earners.  I favor a reasonable minimum wage that is fair to small business owners as well as the work force.  Big business has a greater cash growth mechanism, but has different concerns.  How does raising minimum wage help lure business to America?  Then there is also the question of illegal labor.  Government dependence due to low wages is also a concern, and then there’s inflation.  Those questions I believe are better   answered by the professionals.

As a college graduate that has experience in several sectors, a minimum wage position is out of the question.  What if you are in a position like mine, where for economic and political reasons you find yourself unemployed for an extended period of time?  For reasons personal pride, skill, work ethic, and belief - government programs aren’t my answer.  It takes determination and mental strength to keep a positive mindset.  For a plethora of reasons I’ve been in strong support of Natural Gas Vehicles.  I believe this is the answer to mine and many others problems.

If you have read any of my blogs related to natural gas vehicles, then you will know that if 1/3 of gasoline transportation were fueled by natural gas fuel that is would create a $125 billion dollar domestic fuel economy and save $125 billion dollars in fueling cost per year.  This figure isn’t decades off if fueling stations were built and if leadership adopted a pro natural gas vehicle policy.  So, within the realms of future possibility how would a $125 billion dollar new economy affect the world of American employment opportunity and the minimum wage?

This is where I would like to focus my argument.  If you like the struggles of grating your way through life, then you are not like me.  The statement that “America’s best days are ahead of us” with natural gas vehicles, I believe.  The cost savings for the fuel conversion to natural gas is a great incentive in itself.  To the minimum wage earners this means an extra $1040 fuel savings per year. (Based on T.Boone Pickens 1.50 – 2.00 cost per gallon of natural gas fuel for vehicles, versus an low estimation of $40 per week current spend.) That’s $20 per week extra in your pocket.  That is a .50 cent per hour raise instantly.  Can you now see how a natural gas vehicle helps with minimum wage?

If I isolated no growth and a $1040 fuel savings cost for the average traveler.  I can instantly understand how that could positively effect minimum wage earners.  Now if you’re a business owner or company that transports or pays for travel, then that cost savings as I’ve said before, gives you equity for growth actions.  These growth actions could lead to future opportunities for upward mobility for employees.  Upward cycle integration is the kind of company movement that I would like to be involved with, how about you?

I want to discuss how with only 7% of American energy sector usage change (compared to importing 60% of oil from OPEC nations), Natural Gas Vehicles would create a $125 billion dollar domestic economy.  Then ask how this affects the minimum wage?  The current situation is that banks don’t want to lend, people with money don’t want to invest, the battle for excessive spending persists, and the debt continues.  I favor ending the cycle of unnecessary government dependence and support welfare reform. 

Unemployment and lack of opportunity has outworn the term, “new normal.” This is poisonous for the American Dream that should be visible.  In order to make the necessary cuts that must be done, there needs to be a catch mechanism to offer opportunity.  Opportunity that makes the crutch of government dependence break under the weight of success.  An economic mechanism is needed to alleviate both big and small business, which enables them to depend less on minimum wage workers. I believe that natural gas vehicles are that mechanism, and so should you!

My stance on minimum wage is that I support increases if it is affordable.  Fairness shouldn’t come at the cost of inflation.  Inflation negates the positive effects of minimum wage increases.  With natural gas vehicles, it creates a new domestic market and instantly provides high paying careers, builds communities with new growth, and offers opportunity to those that are currently part of the unemployed new normal.  Hope isn’t a plan to accomplish a goal (but a feeling to help inspire, leading to positive action). 

A $125 billion dollar domestic energy economy is a great initial goal to strive for.  I ask you to contemplate the possibilities that this enabling fuel source would produce.  I also ask if you think that the minimum wage would need to be increased if this were adopted.  I happened to see the interview on CNBC with former GE CEO Jack Welch this past week.  Aside from the comment concerning where his college degrees came from, Mr. Welch voices a few opinions on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) as a method to drill natural gas.  He said that he favors hydraulic fracturing on public and private land and said this of regulators, “When regulators leave and new ones are appointed there needs to be reasonable regulation and not be punitive in their punishment.”  This is the sentiment of the corporate world as an investment concern.  I would opine that since Natural Gas fuel emits 50% less green house gases then traditional petroleum gasoline fueled vehicles that it is a more environmentally friendly choice, and that environmentalist should support this option.

There have been politically charged documentaries released on the safety of hydraulic fracturing which has been in use for over 100 years.  (Ask yourself of the safety compared to the current method of extracting oil and refining petroleum gasoline.) The anti gas documentary “Gasland” and the Gasland debunking documentary, “Frack Nation” have been released.  If you have the time and interest watch with a skeptic eyes and ears.  I am direct in my approach but understand the surrounding political undertones.  There has been one study completed regarding the water quality that was featured in Frack Nation.  The study was published from Pennsylvania State University by Elizabeth Boyer PHD and Bryan Swistock MS.  They contend the water quality of the wells as non toxic after drilling.  The corporate world has an answer for this possible problem and in a private agreement (private property) it should be solved between the drilling company and the property owners in accordance with law (my opinion.) 

For the land owners leasing their property, it’s a secure way to never have to rely on a minimum wage position or anything else for that matter.  Shouldn’t they be allowed to become millionaires with their own land?  My focus is on natural gas vehicles because this portion is what saves greenhouse gases,  creates economy, saves fueling costs, offers a new world of employment opportunity, and quite possibly changes the world of minimum wage. 

If the kind of America that you would like to live in enables homeland nation building, upward spiral integrated employment, positive incentives, small business growth, ownership then you will support Natural Gas Vehicles.  I need help on this, so please consider reading all of my blogs on natural gas vehicles and become active in your support to recapitalize America. 

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