Mount Varsity Captains Announced

Team leaders wore leadership shirts Monday to support players.


Congratulations to the following students who have been named captains of their respective varsity teams!

 Jackie DiChristofero, Haley Connors, Nikki Butts, and Cassie Roberge – Soccer

 Elijah Tousignant – Cross Country

 Kristina Shardlow, Allie Lewis, and Kelly O’Neil - Cross Country

 Jill Langin, Emily Cardosa, Tara Martin, and Liz Foley – Tennis

 Shannon Tuffy – Cheer

 Frank Dupuis, Matt Gilson, and Nick Wolny – Soccer

 These 2012 varsity fall captains proudly wore their leadership shirts all day on Monday, Sept. 24 to communicate to their fellow students the message of sportsmanship and fair play through MSC’s practice of honorable competition that's displayed on [the back of] their shirts!


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