Mount Host To 24 International Students

Pupils from abroad hail from Vietnam, China, and South Korea.


Currently, Mount Saint Charles Academy has 24 international students enrolled from three different countries: Vietnam, China, and South Korea.

The program that these students are involved in is not an exchange program, however. They came to Mount from their home countries to stay in the United States, graduate from MSC, and move on to an American University.

Mount Saint Charles makes this opportunity possible by working with two different agencies that help international students find American schools to attend. This is a full immersion program; Mount does not have ESL.  Since the international students are here because they want to get an American education and develop exceptional English skills, they do not have a special program of study. They follow the same expectations as Mount’s American Students.

The students’ transition into their new situation is done with great ease. Not only do the agencies find host families and help the international students adjust to life in the United States, but Mount has a Coordinator of International Students who helps the students become part of the Mount community and works as a liaison between the agencies, host families, students, and greater MSC community. The coordinator also works with international students to find ways for them to comfortably become part of their new environment. For this school year, the students are actively involved in Mount’s Ping Pong Club and are even being given the opportunity to celebrate the Chinese New Year at Bryant University on Saturday, Feb. 16.

Judson Morris, Mount’s Coordinator of International Students, said, “Both the American and international students benefit from this program. The American students are introduced to the people, customs and traditions of other nations, allowing the students to better understand the world outside of Mount, Rhode Island, New England and the US. The international students get a top notch education, improved English skills, and cultural experiences that they may not receive in their home countries.”

Mount’s international student program is in its fourth year and has helped six international students graduate from MSC and continue their education at prestigious colleges and universities in the US. Morris said, “Mount Saint Charles Academy is very proud of this program.  It benefits everyone involved and helps make our community more diverse and unique.”

MSC is always looking for people willing to host international students for the school year. If you may be interested please call Judson Morris at (401) 769-0310 or e-mail at morrisj@mountsaintcharles.org.

Carol Ann Ketchum February 12, 2013 at 10:01 PM
I personally don't approve of letting these students,coming to Us,to go to our schools,when their ancestors,were fighting,our young men,and killing our young innocent guys in wars,now it's ok for them to come here to get a education,why not help students in America,who would probably love to attend the Mount and go to College,why help foreigners,especially in those countries? they proabably sure would not help us,if shoe was on other foot,why does America,keep helping those foreigners,when our american children need so much? Help the USA first????????????????/


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