Mayor Fontaine To Read "Is Your Hair Made of Donuts" at Coleman March 11

Library, elementary schools to participate in state-wide reading day.


Woonsocket Mayor Leo Fontaine will read “Is Your Hair Made Of Donuts?” at Coleman School March 11 as the Woonsocket Harris Public Library and city elementary schools join the state in a Rhode Island-wide reading of the story.

The story is written by East Greenwich resident Joy Feldman, a North Kingstown-based nutritionist, mother of two and award-winning author, who designed it to inspire children to make healthy food choices.

During National Nutrition Month, Feldman will celebrate the nationwide release of the children’s picture book explaining why the phrase “you are what you eat” may be truer than children think.

That celebration will involve more than 75,000 students at more than 200 schools, libraries, youth programs, and health centers throughout RI during the reading.

“In addition to calling attention to the ever-increasing childhood obesity epidemic, the statewide read demonstrates that are young people can be empowered to make healthier food choices for themselves, when they can. I literally started to recruit schools one at a time, and I am exhilarated at the response, as well as grateful for seven Rhode Island mayors and so many others taking the time to be with the children, sponsor the program, and create an event which can have a lasting impact as the entire country recognizes National Nutrition Month, Feldman said.

The other Woonsocket Schools participating are:

Harris Elementary School

Leo Savoie Elementary School

Head Start, Woonsocket

Pothier Elementary School

Bernon Heights Elementary School

Citizens Elementary School

Globe Park Elementary School

There is no cost to participate, with just one book needed for reading purposes.  Schools and programs have been adding to the program by recruiting their own readers, local companies to enhance the program, and more. Feldman is asking any school or group that would like to join on to the Statewide Read to register so their participation can be recorded.  They will receive a certificate of appreciation for their efforts.  More information, including registration information, is available at the book's website, or by emailing Feldman directly at joy@joyfeldman.com

Nelson Aldrich February 16, 2013 at 07:17 PM
Classic politics,completely meaningless especially since he's doing his best to enslave everyone with no mobility with his rampant taxation.I'd hang my head in shame if i had his record of "service" on the City Council in the run-up to the Financial Crisis of 2008. The warning signs were everywhere then...and they're still with us.


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