Woonsocket School Committee Reviews Draft Budget

Saturday working session examines line items in determining final figure.


As Woonsocket's School Committee reviewed a draft $64 million budget in advance of an anticipated vote on the document Monday, the final figure was increasing.

Nearly two hours in, the Committee had already added two $89,000 elementary school principal positions at Savoy and Harris Schools to the mix, in anticipation of thawing out a hiring freeze.

The Committee also added $550,000 for a capital budget, which would cover the biggest ticket item on a laundry list of needed fixes: a new boiler for Bernon Heights Elementary School with a likely cost of $500,000. The original request on the capital budget was $860,000.

At $550,000, Superintendent Giovanna Donoyan said, if they are forced to fix the boiler, "If one other thing happens, we'll be in deficit status right away." Committee member Chris Roberts said it was reasonable to ask the city for emergency funds should something catastrophic occur.

School Committee Chair Anita Forcier-McGuire said the ultimate budget figure was still a moving target. She stressed that the numbers they discussed do not take federal funding into account. With federal funds, she said, the final figure will likely reach the $70 million dollar range.

The School Committee has another meeting on the budget scheduled for Monday, May 14 at 5 p.m. The agenda for that meeting lists a vote on the budget, in anticipation of sending it to the Woonsocket City Council.

Steve May 14, 2012 at 10:24 PM
Oh, wait a minute, a PHD right? Finance must have been an elective?
Tommy Tutone May 14, 2012 at 10:28 PM
Absolute no brainer,the state giveth and the state taketh away.Can't count on 'em in bad times.Adopt a budget that everyone in the City can afford and treat these handouts as the luxuries they are.Declare your Independence Woonsocket!
Russell Archambault May 14, 2012 at 10:48 PM
J HEAD with your masters degree Just for the record what is it in ? you still have to work two jobs in this economy! So you know how hard it is to get by.. so to make around an equal 60.000.00 per year as school teachers. how many hours do you work per day per week per full year? -------- all the suggestions that i could make to change things would not go any further that how far i could spit. people could send in every suggestion in the world and it would not make one difference. perhaps when enough heads roll, teachers loose their jobs, and when officials do drastic measures, like just shutting the system down, just like when teachers strikes shut the system, when they thought they had us by the.... and got what they wanted. the the school system changes will begin. then and only then will the proper people will listen. this is about money, but when money hits home, its a whole different story. when is the last time a teacher lost his or her property. I hate saying this and admitting to my tactics, SHUT THE SYSTEM DOWN. LET THE CITY WALK AWAY NOW.
Maggie May 15, 2012 at 12:45 AM
You know, it doesn't matter what the schools need, what the laws are, how much money the school system requires to run any more, what matters is the primary tax payers (home owners/business) have been hit many tax increases in a few years, job loss, decreasing home values, yet another supplemental tax followed by more tax increases. We are broke! Be very careful what you wish for when you write "leave, get out, we don't need your kind of people" as there are many who plan to do just that. You see, it all comes down to numbers and zero is zero no matter the schools, no matter the union contracts, no matter what the GA, Gov., mayor, city council, union leaders, say. And the more that leave, the more will be forced to leave. If you don't think so, just check out what happened in Ohio where they have one house occupied on a street surrounded by empty houses. YOU DON'T GET TAXES FROM EMPTY HOUSES. Our value of life here in this city is deplorable; crime is up, the city looks terrible; it’s embarrassing to say we live here. Yet we work just as hard if not harder than teachers (please feel free to agree to work in many of OUR shoes before you get self-righteous.) but there is very little left to keep us here and so much cheaper, healthier, and less stressful to live elsewhere.
Lilian May 16, 2012 at 03:21 PM
It boils down to unfunded mandates, get rid of the mandates or the unfunded part. Also, why not do some welfare reform while you're at it. Too many people take advantage of the welfare system. That is not why it was created but it has ballooned into one big joke. Welfare rats is what I say, people who cheat the system and take advantage of it. There are some people who truly need it but the majority take advantage of the system and we are paying for it instead of putting that money into our children's education.


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