Woonsocket's Voters Backed Obama By 64 Percent

Woonsocket Patch asked voters who they supported for president, and why.


The election is over, and while the majority of Woonsocket voters sided with President Barack Obama (Obama: 7,978, Romney: 4,111) with a 64 percent majority, not all did, and the outcome continues to draw comments on Woonsocket Patch.

Today, we've got a few opinions on each side of the Romney/Obama question from election day with faces to match, including one charming nonagenarian voter (We're featuring her photo for that, not because she voted for Obama):

At Crepeau Court Nov. 6, Bertha Julevich, accompanied by her son, Mark, was out to cast her vote for Obama.

Bertha didn't mince words. "I'm an old lady," she announced cheerfully. She turns 99 in December. Bertha said she wanted to live up to her responsibility as a citizen. "I had to vote. It's my duty," she said.

Bertha voted for the first time in 1932, 12 years after the nineteenth ammendment secured women's right to vote in the US. Bertha picked the winner that year, too — Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR challenged incumbent Herbert Hoover, a Republican who took office months before the start of the Great Depression.

"I like the way he talks to you," Bertha said of Obama. "I look at them as they are and take them as they are," she said of presidential candidates.

"I couldn't sit this one out," said Alfred Benoit at Harris Hall in City Hall, who said he voted for Obama, "Simply because it takes more than four years to make some of the changes. I'm just being realistic," he said.

Not everyone felt that way. When asked who was getting her vote on election day at Leo Savoie School, Zoe Allard was in the Republican camp. "Romney. God, we need a change. This guy had four years," she said.'

Listed below are the voting totals for Romney and Obama district by district, including mail in ballots, from the Board of Canvassers (The Secretary of State's Office has since updated these numbers as of Nov. 26, 2012:

Voting Dist. 1 - WMS Obama: 160 / Romney: 57

Voting Dist. 2 - Kennedy Manor Obama: 472 / Romney: 163

Voting Dist. 3 - Park View Manor: Obama: 914 / Romney:478

Voting Dist. 4 - Fairmount Heights: Obama 844 / Romney 221

Voting Dist. 5 - Crepeau Court: Obama 625 / Romney 301

Voting Dist. 6 - #1 Fire Station: Obama 639/ Romney 329

Voting Dist. 7 - Our Lady Queen of Martyrs: Obama 743 / Romney 448

Voting Dist. 8 - Bernon Heights School:  Obama 710 / Romney 503

Voting Dist. 9 - Leo Savoie School:  Obama 952 / Romney 618

Voting Dist. 10 - WHS: Obama 911 / Romney 561

Voting Dist. 11 - Pothier School: Obama 739 / Romney 390

Voting Dist. 12 - Harris Hall, City Hall: Obama 263 / Romney 42

Lu November 16, 2012 at 01:27 PM
It's not a state route.
Lu November 16, 2012 at 01:29 PM
Well said Gov.
Lu November 16, 2012 at 01:31 PM
Liberals are liberal with other peoples money. Not so much with their own.
Still Hope November 16, 2012 at 04:23 PM
Russ is correct as usual. It is a sound business model. Forego pride and the hope of getting laid for financial stability and a home cooked meal.
Jerry November 26, 2012 at 01:14 AM
People like Obama because he is an excellent public speaker...that's it. He will keep the poor, poor....and the rich, rich..he wants you to think he's helping you, he's just full of fluff..no substance. I work and he certainly hasn't helped me. If you don't work, he'll keep you unemployed, and keep paying welfare recipients, because all of a sudden, they get out to vote now. Never did before...hmmm, what's up with that?


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