Woonsocket Preps For Holiday Stroll Tonight

Lights, decorated windows and storefronts brightened up by volunteers and city personnel.


A team of city personnel and volunteers have spent the last few days getting Woonsocket ready for tonight's Holiday Stroll, starting at 4:30 p.m. with Christmas Tree lighting and a visit from Santa.

Next to City Hall, Jeff Lambert, an employee with the Highway Department, was hooking up lights for some Christmas decorations Wednesday afternoon in the small memorial park. Nearby Joe Therien and Andy Tetlow, IBEW Local 99 electricians from Nolin Electric in North Scituate were busy wiring the lights for Santa's House. 

City Hall's windows were brightly decorated in white, red and green paintings of candles, snowmen and winterscapes, thanks to the generous donation of the time and talent of Ron Deziel of North Smithfield. He also spent some time helping to decorate the storefronts and windows inside Le Moulin's "Interior Main Street" at 68 S. Main Street on the Holiday Stroll route, according to the building's owner, Marie DeSchenes. 

Volunteer Roland Desmaris, who is getting ready to open a woodworking shop on River Street early next year, has donated a few elaborate wooden items to the decor at Le Moulin, including a comfy bench passers-by can use to rest their feet. "We're all trying to make something happen," Desmaris said, referring to LeMoulin's effots to create an indoor shopping experience in the city.

One tenant, Sarah Beaudoin, owner of the Beaudoin Rose repurposed and refinished furniture shop at Le Moulin, also volunteered some time to the holiday decorations. She said her efforts to transform old items into artistic and useful furniture and decorations remind her of Woonsocket's work to restore itself.

"It's just like the city. We just need to put some time and love into it," she said.

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English first December 06, 2012 at 07:27 PM
Thanks for the volunteers and thanks for the photos.
JWJ December 07, 2012 at 12:43 AM
If they happen upon any homeless,will they step over them or help them?


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