Blizzard of '13 Information Center

Stop here for information and updates in Barrington as the Blizzard of 2013 sweeps over the region.


Sunday, Feb. 10

4:35 pm

National Grid expects to have power restored for most Rhode Islanders by late tonight, according to a new release sent out minutes ago. Power should be restored to everyone Monday.

4:30 pm

St. Andrew's School in Barrington will be closed Monday, Feb. 11.

3 pm

St. Luke School in Barrington will be closed tomorrow, Feb. 11.

2:45 om

Barrington Christian Academy will be closed on Monday.

1:45 pm

The Barrington Public Schools will be closed on Monday, Feb. 11, officials have announced.

1:15 pm

The Barrington Public Library will be open at its normal hours on Monday, Feb. 11; power has returned to that part of town.

12:15 pm

A decision on the Barrington schools will be made later Sunday after officials get a better estimate on when power will be restored to all of Barrington. All of the schools had no power as of early Sunday morning.

12 pm

Atria Bay Spring Village has agreed to serve as an emergency shelter for any Barrington resident who is without heat or power, according to Town Manager Peter DeAngelis Jr. Primrose Hill School has been closed down after about 50 people spent Saturday night there.

9 am

Much of Barrington remains without power, according to the National Grid Outage Map. About 1,325 customers did have power restored overnight Saturday.

Saturday, Feb. 9

8:30 pm

The Bayside YMCA remains closed, but you can get electric power and a hot shower beginning Sunday morning at three other Greater Providence YMCAs. Just show your ID and sign a waiver at:

  • Cranston YMCA, 1225 Park Ave, Cranston, 401-943-0444
  • East Side/Mt. Hope YMCA, 438 Hope Street, Providence, 401-521-0155
  • Kent County YMCA, 900 Centerville Rd, Warwick, 401-828-0130

7 pm

The Barrington Public Library will be closed on Sunday and possibly on Monday depending on the restoration of electrical power.

6 pm

You are urged to be a good neighbor by RIEMA:
*       Clear driveways, sidewalks, and walkways of snow and ice.
*       Clear snow from areas around furnace vents to help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
*       Make sure generators are properly vented and are being used according to manufacturer's instructions.
*       Go to a shelter if you do not have heat or power in your home. To find a shelter near you, visit www.riema.ri.gov or call 211.
*       Make sure outdoor pets have a supply of water that is not frozen.
*       Continue to follow the local media for any important updates.


Gov. Chafee said at an RI Emergency Management Agency news conference that most main roads and highways in the state have been cleared of snow.

5 pm

Keep an eye on snow accumulation on business and residential buildings.

In many cases, roof ice dams can form causing water build-up, leading to interior damage, according to the RI Emergeny Management Agency. To minimize the risk of over-stressing a building roof due to accumulated or drifting snow:

*       Watch for large snow build-up or snowdrifts on your roofs.
*       If roof snow can be safely removed from ground level, use a snow rake (available at most hardware or home improvement stores) to remove snow. Be aware of where power lines are located on the roof as metal snow rakes will conduct electricity if they come into contact with a power line.
*       Avoid working on ladders, as ladder rungs can ice up and become slippery. Snow and ice can also collect on boot soles.
*       Flat roofs can be shoveled clear, but only if you can determine that the roof is safe to stand upon. Use caution when on the roof to avoid injuries or falls.
*       Flat roof drainage systems should be kept clear to minimize the risk of excess roof ponding.
*       Large icicles can form on roof overhangs, but do not necessarily mean ice damming is occurring. Icicles overhanging doorways and walkways can be dangerous and should be carefully removed.
 All of the above-mentioned recommendations should only be performed by healthy, able-bodied adults, as the snow is heavy, and roofs and other surfaces may be slippery. Protective headgear and eyewear is recommended.

For regularly updated information on closures and parking bans, visit www.riema.ri.gov and click on the Latest Closing and Delays tab.

4 pm

An emergency shelter was opened at Primrose Hill School in Barrington only as a "warming center," said Town Manager Peter DeAngelis Jr. You need to bring your own food and bedding. It is not a Red Cross shelter.

Gov. Chafee lifted the driving ban in Rhode Island.

10 am

The Public Safety Building on Federal Road (police/fire station) is being used as an emergency shelter this morning in Barrington. Anyone who wants to warm up should go there, said Town Manager Peter DeAngelis Jr.

8 am

National Grid reports that the entire town is without electricity this morning -- 6,800 customers.

Friday, Feb. 8

9 pm

National Grid is reporting that more than 2,050 customers in Barrington are without power. Most of the outage is in the Town Center and Rumstick neighborhoods with a few scattered outages in Hampden Meadows. Click here to see the National Grid power outage map. There is no estimated time for restoration.

5 pm

Gov. Chafee expanded on Rhode Island's state of emergency by banning traffic on Routes 95, 195, 295 and 146 starting at 5 p.m. There are exceptions:
• public safety vehicles and workers, including contract personnel;
• public works vehicles and workers, including contract personnel;
• government officials on official business;
• utility company vehicles and workers;
• health care workers who travel to and from work in order to provide essential health services;
• news media;
• travel necessary to maintain and deliver critical private sector services such as energy, fuel supplies, financial systems and critical commodities;
• travel to support business operations that provide critical services to the public, including gas stations, food stores and hardware stores.

12:45 pm

  • Gov. Chafee declared a state of emergency in RI at arond noon today. He said: "We have a very serious storm approaching. I encourage all Rhode Islanders to take this seriously. This is a major storm. Be prepared.". RIDOT is asking motorists to stay off the roadways except for emergencies.
  • The parking ban in Barrington will stay in effect until 7 am Sunday, Feb. 10.
  • Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has signed an executive order that bans travel on highways at 4 pm today. If you need to go into nearbly Seekonk or Swansea, keep that in mind.

11:45 am

  • Gov. Chafee has asked that drivers be off the roads by noon or as soon as possible early this afternoon. No ban announced at this time.

11 am

  • The Barrington Public Library will be closing at noon and will remain closed all day Saturday. The library will be open during its regular hours on Sunday.
  • Barrington Town Hall is closing at noon.
  • Webter Bank is closing at 11 am today.

10:30 am

  • Snow started to fall in Barrington about two hours ago if you hadn't noticed.
  • Driving conditions are expected to go downhill through the day with accumulations of 3 to 5 inches expected by the Friday commute. Most of the snow is expected to fall between 7 pm today and 7 am Saturday.

8 am

  • All RIPTA service, including non-medical RIde trips, will suspend at noon.
  • The blizzard watch issued for the last few days has been upgraded to a blizzard warning.
  • Gov. Lincoln Chafee has put the state's Adverse Weather Policy into effect — time missed from work during the storm has to be recorded as time off without pay, annual leave, or personal leave.

7 am

The Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (RIEMA) opened its Joint Information Center at 7 am today. A Joint Information Center is a coordinated effort among state agencies and partners to create one point of contact for public information.

Thursday, Feb 7

5 pm

The Barrington Senior Center is closed on Friday.

4 pm

Schools cancelled on Friday:

  • Barrington Public Schools
  • Barrington Christian Academy
  • St. Luke's School
  • St. Andrew's School

2:30 pm

The pasta dinner fundraiser scheduled by Hampden Meadows Volunteer Fire Company for Sunday has been postponed a week to Feb. 17.

1 pm

First cancellation: The walkabout of Veterans Memorial Park scheduled for Saturday by the Barrington Land Conservation Trust and the Barrington Trail Team has been postponed until Feb. 16.

Remember the parking ban in Barrington. DPW drivers are asking you to please get your car off the street. It makes their jobs so much easier.

A gentle reminder: BE CAREFUL! Snowblowers can be dangerous. Police and fire departments always seem to have to respond to snowblower injuries.

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Customers Urged to Keep in Touch
In addition to Outage Central, National Grid offers a number of ways for customers to report outages or learn about restoration efforts and important safety information. Here’s how:

Outage reporting hotline – Rhode Island customers should call 1-800-465-1212 to report an outage.

Text messages – Customers can receive text message alerts and updates through a free service the company offers. Text the word STORM to NGRID (64743) to sign up for the service.

National Grid uses social media – Facebook and Twitter – to communicate with customers about service issues and interruptions during storms.

E-mail alerts are also available to customers who create an online profile on the company’s website. All alert services can be started and stopped at the customer’s request.

Customers can use their mobile devices to track outage information and storm related safety tips through National Grid’s new mobile site that can be accessed at nationalgrid.com.

Staying Safe

Here are some tips to help you avoid injuries and stay safe:

- People who depend on electric-powered life support equipment, such as a respirator, should let National Grid know. To register as a life support customer, call the company’s Customer Service Center at 1-800-322-3223.

- It’s a good idea to have a number of working flashlights, at least one battery-operated radio and an extra supply of batteries in your home. A radio is a good way to stay in touch, as National Grid provides news media with timely information regarding service restoration efforts.

 - If you plan to use a generator to supply power during an outage, be sure to only operate it outdoors. Before operating generators, be sure to disconnect from National Grid’s system by shutting off the main breaker located in the electric service panel. Failure to do this could jeopardize crew safety.

- If you lose power, turn off any appliances that were on when the power went off, but leave one light on so you will know when power is restored.

- After the storm, be sure never to touch downed power lines, and always assume that any fallen lines are live electric wires. If you see a downed power line, keep everyone away and call us immediately at 1-800-465-1212.

- Power problems can sometimes interrupt public water supply systems or disable well pumps, so it’s an especially good idea to keep a supply of bottled drinking water handy, as well as some canned food.

- Please leave damaged poles alone. Handling or cutting utility poles—or burning them in your fireplace, woodstove or furnace—potentially exposes you to the chemicals used to treat and preserve these poles.

- Please drive carefully and use caution when driving near any repair crews working to restore power.

- Check on elderly family members, neighbors and others who may need assistance during an outage.

You Can Help

See a tree down in your neighborhood? Know of a power outage? Just saw a store clerk put out more snow melt? Please use this story on Barrington Patch to help out your neighbors.

Barrington Patch is all about connecting neighbors and helping neighbors so we hope you’ll find this information hub helpful during the storm.

Barrington Numbers to Remember

Police Department - 437-3930

Fire Department - 437-3940

Department of Public Works - 247-1907

Town Manager - 247-1900

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Scott Clark February 10, 2013 at 05:13 PM
Primrose Rd School is serving as a warming center and there's a shelter in Cranston. On Facebook you can "follow" RI Emergency Management Agency who are posting good updates: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=164131846977049 We hear Shaws and the rest of the shopping center has power. We haven't been over there yet so don't know what is actually open.
Manifold Witness February 10, 2013 at 06:56 PM
The National Grid outage map (updated every 15 minutes) shows that thousands of Barrington customers are without power and the target restoration time is 11:45 pm on February 11, 2013. The Governor declared a State of Emergency. When asked what that meant, he turned to Richard Licht and said, "Richard?". No joke. Saw it on tv. Barrington government was unprepared and did not properly plan for the storm or notify residents of shelter information in a timely way. But there is a Recreation Director. And they've been working night and day on a plan as to how to maybe vote Mack back in now that they voted her out. How about insisting that National Grid get the power systems upgraded so that Barrington is not in the dark every time the wind blows? And so that Barrington is not always last on the restoration list. We didn't hear anything from June. Or President Obama. Is he still in Vegas?
mohamed j. freij February 10, 2013 at 09:12 PM
I wish to thank the Ford F250 silver plow truck that helped me clear a big chunk of ice and snow at the end of my driveway located at the corner of Kent Street and Sowams Road. I was clearing my driveway and suddenly this truck stopped and helped me finsih the job, the snow was 3' high and my small snow thrower and my shovel were match. On another note, I just got the power back. It is time to start thinking about having underground utilities...makes no sense whatsoever to build above ground utilities in a hurricane zone! Our infrastructure is failing and instead of upgrading it we are too busy with adventures overseas that are wiping the future of our kids away! But again if we can't even fix the silly issues of the BCWA what hope to do have to bring National Grid to the table and tell them that this third world level of infrastructure is unacceptable! If you agree please spread the word to our senators and Town Council members and maybe something will happen startiing at the grass roots level.
William Rupp February 11, 2013 at 01:43 AM
I have to absolutely agree with you on underground utilities. Most new developments have utilities underground, I believe. We need to get every above-ground wire safe from hurricanes and blizzards.
Gary Morse February 11, 2013 at 05:34 PM
Mohamed, Bill, There might be a good story here. But take a look at the $43 billion price tag in NH from a 2011 study. http://www.unionleader.com/article/20111106/NEWS02/711069975


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