Romney Takes RI; Moves Closer to Nomination

Woonsocket also chose Mitt Romney to run against Obama.


Mitt Romney continued his march toward a showdown with President Barack Obama, winning Rhode Island's primary Tuesday with 63 percent of the vote, 8,682 votes state-wide.

Locally, Romney won Woonsocket with 55.7 percent of Republican voters, 233 votes, according to the RI Board of Elections.

The former Massachusetts governor defeated Ron Paul, the closest challenger, who received 30.9 percent, 129 votes. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich checked in with 6.7 percent, 28 votes, while Sen. Rick Santorum, whose name remained on the ballot despite his decision to back out of the race two weeks ago, captured 5.7 percent, 24 votes.

On the Democratic side, President Barack Obama, who was running unopposed, won 73.4 percent of the Woonsocket tally, 245 votes. 

Romney won the local vote in most cities and towns, but by collecting more than 15 percent of the overall vote, Paul earned at least a share of the 19 delegates up for grabs in the primary. Rhode Island is the only state in which the GOP splits the delegate pool, according to the WRNI's On Politics blog.

There were 200 total delegates at stake in Tuesday’s votes in Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania. With most numbers in, Romney appeared headed for a sweep nationally, taking Delaware with 57 percent of the vote, Connecticut with 67 percent, Pennsylvania with 60 percent. Romney was leading New York with only 7 percent reporting as of late Tuesday night.

Going into Tuesday, Romney held 698 total delegates, leading Santorum by more than 400, according to the New York Times delegate tally. He needs 1,144 to clinch the Republican nomination.

Local results had to be personally delivered to the RI Board of Elections office on Branch Avenue in Providence tonight by Board of Canvassers Manager Estelle Corriveau. A software glitch prevented the Woonsocket Board of Canvassers from tallying votes in the city, so Corriveau made the trip.

English first April 25, 2012 at 12:55 PM
I have never voted for a Republican. But a millionaire many,many, many times over cannot help RI. The only thing Romney thinks about us is that he could have a fundraiser here. Did he even address RI at all, or just the rich Rhode Islanders? What kind of name is MItt? Is it short for Mittens? I'll take Barack any day. That being said, Obama hasn't done that much either.
CB11 April 25, 2012 at 06:25 PM
Oh yeah - Obama is so much more concerned, so much more caring of RI - like when they had the fundraiser for him, charged $7500.00 a plate, only to have him leave before the meal was served with the excuse that he had to get back to clean up dog poop (classy guy, that Obama! That must have made the lobster taste good!). Or when we were dealing with massive floods and he could go to a fundraiser in Mass but could only give us a brief fly-over on his way (I think I saw him wave! Honest!) Mitt may be a millionaire but he worked hard to earn every dime.Obama enjoyed his own share of a life of priviledge, going to private schools from elementary on (FYI - Mitt went to public school ) and Ivy League colleges (Romney only went to one - Obama went to 2). How did Obama (worth about 11 Million himself) get his money? I don't think "Community Organizer" pays that much. Oh yeah, that's right, he was a college professor too - obviously MORE experience than a man who spent over 20 years working in the private sector! Still...it doesn't explain where he got all his money - do college professors really earn that much? No wonder why tuitions are so high! If you want to fall for his "I was born a poor child in the ghetto" act, go ahead - I got a nice bridge in Newport I'd like to sell you too! Oh, and "Mitt" which is actually his middle name, comes from his father's cousin Milton Romney, who played quarterback for the Chicago Bears from 1925 to 1929. Pretty respectable, if you ask me.
Maxin April 26, 2012 at 10:38 AM
CB11, that jerk off Mitt has never worked a hard day in his life he was left millions by his father. The rest was made off the backer of the American workers not to mention all the lives he destroyed while making his millions. That why he keeps referring about the mistakes he made while making all his money. But that is ok as long as he made it, who cares about the tens of thousands of lives he screwed over while making it. Well at least there are only 414 republicans in Woonsocket, so when it comes time to deport them back to their homeland we will only have to pay for 414. If you believe the republican have the right plan of taking from the poor and giving to their friends. You on the minority team and good luck.
CB11 April 26, 2012 at 02:02 PM
Wow! I didn't realized there were that many intelligent people STILL living in Woonsocket! Your statement about "deporting Republicans" shows your ignorance and is just too stupid a remark to comment on. FACT: Romney's parents helped him with college and expenses - like we expect any parent to do if they have the means - why, even Obama got help from his Grandparents! As far as his inheritance - HE GAVE IT TO CHARITY! He was already successful when his father died and didn't need it! Even the Left-leaning Politifact had to admit that and the fact that HE WORKED FOR EVERYTHING HE GOT! http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2012/jan/20/mitt-romney/mitt-romney-says-he-didnt-inherit-money-his-parent/. Stop listening to the sound-bites fed to you by the Liberal media and educate yourself!
English first April 27, 2012 at 03:23 PM
Why would you bring up deportation of people who vote? This year identification was required to vote. What does that have to do with the discussion?


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