Release: Mancieri Aims To Put Woonsocket "On the Right Track"

City Council candidate Garrett Mancieri on reasons for his bid for City Council and the actions he will take if elected.

Currently in his first run for City Council, candidate remembers when he first began to respect and admire the city he's spent his life in. 

“When I was a kid, I would come to Woonsocket to visit my grandmother.  I loved driving around the city looking at all the historic buildings and listening to stories about what Woonsocket used to be like," he said.

"I have been a realtor for four years and a resident for eight years; it is clear that this city is going in the wrong direction.  The businesses are leaving and residents are putting their homes up for sale,” Mancieri said of his motivation for running.

As a City Councilman, Mancieri says he will propose three programs in his first year.  The first is a "Build New" program to give tax breaks by only paying on the land value for a number of years.  This will encourage builders to buy foreclosed or multi-family properties, demolish them, and build new high value properties.  The second program is "Quality of Life."  This program will restore street lights where necessary, put flower pots/decorations on poles through individual sponsorships, and levy fines on owners or tenants who do not maintain their properties.  The third program is "GROW Woonsocket" which will solicit small donations to give out as grants to new and expanding businesses in the city.

Mancieri aims to pass legislation that will put Woonsocket on the right track.  His eight-point plan is listed below. He is asking for your vote on Nov. 8.

1.Business Development - A record of moving businesses to Woonsocket and assisting one start up business.

2.Low Taxes -  A commitment to not increase taxes for wasteful spending, and to reduce the commercial business tax rate.

3.Education – Work with the school committee to develop a high school program for seniors that offers 1/2 day in school and a 1/2 day internship at local businesses.

4.Public Safety – Restore necessary street lights for neighborhood safety.

5.Transportation – Advocate for the return of commuter train service and extend the Blackstone Valley Bike Path to Market Square.

6.Build New Program – Tax breaks for building new homes that will increase property values. Create Quality of Life programs that will improve the appearance/reputation of the City. 

7.Economic Development – Boost tourism and business development by enhancing the information/design of the Woonsocket website. Work to establish and promote districts within the city such as a Main Street Arts destination, better promote Diamond Hill as a major retail shopping district and the downtown areas as a professional office area using the GROW Woonsocket program grants for new and expanding businesses.

8.Environment -  Oppose a waste to energy incinerator in Woonsocket. Promote green/solar business technology.

Haavey October 24, 2011 at 02:48 PM
That's quite a punch list. Good luck!
TParenteau October 24, 2011 at 04:35 PM
While I appreciate Mr. Mancieri's agressive 8 point plan, I have several questions.. First and foremost, how do you plan to accomplish these goals? It is noble to have such an agressive plan, but you need to provide some specific details as to how they can be accomplished. Further, how does the tax break plan translate to those taxpayers already residing in the city and owning property? If we are to believe the information disclosed during the candidate forum that we may see increases in the neighborhood of 12- 40% in the next tax cycle, the current property owners cannot sustain that kind of increase. I think you would have alot of disent in the community if tax breaks were being offered to new residents and builders while those of us who have made our home here for many years have no recourse. I wish you luck but would prefer a smaller list of goals with very specific actions to make them a reality..
Jason D October 24, 2011 at 05:01 PM
It is apparent he is trying to clean up the city by getting those who can't afford his plans out of the city and attracting those that can afford it to move into "new high value properties". If the schools don't improve those moving in will need to be able to afford private schooling unless they are ok with the performance of the WED school system.


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