Parent Asks Council to Address Brown Water at Woonsocket Middle School

Mom brings two bottles of murky water she said came from taps at school.

Alethea Forcier brought two bottles of brown water to Monday night's City Council meeting she said came from the tap at Woonsocket Middle School. CREDIT: Rob Borkowski
Alethea Forcier brought two bottles of brown water to Monday night's City Council meeting she said came from the tap at Woonsocket Middle School. CREDIT: Rob Borkowski
Alethea Forcier brought two bottles of brown water to Monday night's City Council meeting — samples from the tap at Woonsocket Middle school.

Forcier, a member of the Woonsocket Middle School PTO and a mother of an eighth grade girl, said she had taken the samples from the girls bathroom at the Hamlet Middle School, but, she said, the same brown water is coming out of the tap in the sinks at both buildings, including the cafeterias. 

"My child goes to this school," Forcier said, "Something needs to be done about this."

Forcier said the water at the school's been brown for at least a month, though some older kids she's talked to say it's been that way for at least a year. 

She said the schools' principals and Superintendent Giovana Donyoan know about the problem. 

After the meeting, Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt said she would contact Donoyan about the water. Councilman Christopher Beauchamp also spoke to Forcier about the problem.

Baldelli-Hunt said she would contact Donoyan about the water this morning.
Still Hope January 08, 2014 at 12:47 PM
The above post doesn't explain the drinking water. Since the drinking water is on a closed systems, my guess is it's just sediment left over from the old pipes. Keep in mind, the schools are at one of the lowest points in the city. We all know that [expletive] runs downhill. The pipes at the school are brand new, however, the pipes leading to the school are probably on the historic registry. You have 50-100 years of old sediment and rust that has been sitting there quietly, some of it is bound to get jarred around when you turn the faucets up full blast. The remedy should be just to flush the pipes til you get as close to clear as Woonsocket water gets. This is all assuming that the problem is internal. If it's actually a broken pipe that is absorbing contaminants, then I divert you back to my previous post.
John January 08, 2014 at 01:28 PM
@ Stephen Weber, The McFee Administration building and the Principal's Offices do have Poland Spring Delivered. I would assume they are not passing the hat among themselves to pay for it.
STEPHEN WEBER January 08, 2014 at 02:05 PM
So sewer water is fine for the children of Woonsocket , but these over paid administrators (superintendents and principles ETC) have water delivered have water delivered so they don't get ill from drinking sewer water and the parents of the children pay for these over paid public servants to drink Poland Springs... I thought Woonsocket was broke.... What's wrong with this picture?
Alethea Forcier January 09, 2014 at 02:32 PM
The "talking" of this or any other problem does not "solve" the problem, it only stirs the pot creating bigger problems. I am referring to the gossiping that is going on within the comments sections. If you want to help be part of the solution then you should have been at the meeting, but you were not. As parents we have the power to be part of the solution and I can see we have some pretty strong personalities on here that can be used to help create a positive end result. You are basing your opinions (which you are entitled to) on here say not on fact. Fact: the water is disclosed and contains iron (I have proof to support that statement). Fact: We need to fix it!


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