Monday, Monday: Council, Cold Hall, Help Out, Blog, Facebook

Welcome to another Monday, Woonsocket - here's a taste of what's going on.


Council - The City Council will meet today at 7 p.m. in Harris Hall at City Hall to discuss the new 5-year baseline plan submitted by Jennifer Findlay last week, adjusted to see what the numbers look like for the city if they pay an outstanding $42 million pension liabiltiy over 30 years in stead of 5.

Cold Hall - City Hall's getting a few 600-lb replacement pieces for its boiler installed today. Repairs are expected to last a few more days. Better keep your coat zipped up if you have to visit for records or bills.

Help out - A bunch of folks are out of a home following the  fire at 170 Lincoln St. Residents have set up collections for the families displaced by the fire on Facebook. The Renaud Family is in need clothing for their 2 young daughters ages 1 and 4. Sizes needed are 5T and 2T. They're in need of every-day items, too. 

Donations can be dropped off at The Primitive Millhouse 1452 Broncos Hwy Unit #15 Harrisville RI (Dunkin Donuts PLaza) and 166 Carrington Avenue in Woonsocket. 

For the Castro family, items are needed for two boys, ages 9 and 7 and size 7 and 8-10. A fund has been set up for them, or you can e-mail dbracamonte2@gmail.com.

If you're running a collection for any of the families displaced by the Front Street fire, post the information here in the comments to alert readers where to send help. 

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