Jon Brien: Stephen Casey's Candidacy For Dist. 50 Invalid

Sept. 21 ruling from US Office of Special Counsel indicates firefighter from department taking federal grant can't run for office


Armed with a Sept. 21 ruling from the US Office of Special Counsel, Rep. Jon Brien, (D-Dist. 50) said he is calling for the removal of firefighter Stephen Casey from the Nov. 6 ballot and for his name to be placed on it.

Brien said Casey's candidacy violates the Hatch Act because he works for the Woonsocket Fire Department, which recieves federal funding for training. 

The Hatch Act limits political activities of federal employees on and off duty. According to Ann Hanlon, spokesperson for the US Office of Special Counsel, which investigates complaints about violations of the law, Casey's campaign, which won against Brien by a 52-vote majority, might have violated the Hatch Act if his job as a firefighter directly benefited from federal funding.

A Sept. 21 ruling from the US Office of Special Counsel in the case of the primary race between Coventry, RI candidates Leonidas Raptakis and firefighter David Gorman stated that since Gorman worked for a fire department that recieved federal funds, his candidacy was not valid.

However, since Raptakis won the primary, the office closed the case without taking further action.

"After investigating this matter, we conclude that Mr. Gorman's candidacy for Rhode Island state representative was in violation of the Hatch Act," wrote Nadia Pluta, an attorney with the US Office of Special Counsel's Hatch Act Unit.

Brien's lawyer, Joshua Macktaz, said they were calling for an immediate remedy to the situation, which should be the timely removal of Stephen Casey from the ballot and the additon of Brien to it, in time to save the City of Woonsocket from the cost of a special election.

John R Dionne September 29, 2012 at 01:21 PM
The City hires outside lawyers for different reasons. Thye receive a 1099 not a W2 because they are not employees. The 1099 form does more than save benefits cost for the city it also saves matching taxes that are required for employees. That is why Brien is not paid from the payroll account but outside vendors account. If Brien did nothing on this hatch act matter after the ruling on another firefighter youall would be calling him a idiot. So he is a soreloser for moving forward and a idiot for not following the law, What a great country...... John R Dionne
DR September 29, 2012 at 07:09 PM
John, it is great that you share this information with us-it makes sense.
arbi September 29, 2012 at 07:11 PM
REALLY? Funny how nothing else is mispelled in the comment! DAAHHH! I guess you didn't get it.
Larry Hoovah September 30, 2012 at 06:45 PM
He's an idiot because he knew Casey was a firefighter before the primary and about the hatch act, he's a sore loser because he thought he could easily win and he didn't, now that he lost he's decided to go forward with the hatch act when he knew about it before the primary. If it was such a big deal Brien should have brought it up as soon as Casey decided to run for the position, not after he lost the primary.
Larry Hoovah September 30, 2012 at 06:49 PM
Very interesting Mr O'Bryan. I'd like to find out more on this situation, hopefully Brien buries himself with this one.


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