Sale of NK Park and Ride Lot Tabled Pending Committee Opinion

Will one of North Kingstown's Park and Ride lots be sold to CVS?


The Rhode Island Department of Transportation will have to wait a little longer for an advisory opinion regarding the sale of one of North Kingstown's Park and Ride lots to CVS/pharmacy. The DOT appeared before the State Properties Committee Tuesday morning, seeking an opinion on a proposed sale of the commuter parking lot located at the corner of Route 2 and 102 in North Kingstown.

One of the key points that DOT was seeking clarification on was whether or not they could continue with the sale without providing a replacement parking lot. Originally, the DOT was looking to use a plot of land just up the road on Route 2. Unfortunately, that land is no longer feasible as an alternate location, according to information relayed to Rep. Robert Craven and Sen. James Sheehan of North Kingstown.

According to press releases from several of North Kingstown's state legislators, the DOT is now looking to send commuters to park at the MBTA parking garage at Wickford Junction. That garage, however, is not a free lot and charges $4 per day for parking.

According to a DOT spokesperson, they are looking at all options before finalizing the sale – including the expansion of an existing commuter lot, finding other locations suitable for a commuter lot and consolidation of transit parking at an intermodal facility at Wickford Junction.

DOT would need to return before the State Properties Committee with any request to sale the Park and Ride, which is a piece of state property. The committee tabled the issue for further review.

Scott Madison January 17, 2013 at 06:13 PM
Thank you very much Doreen. I would hate to see the western side of town become like Route 1, where the economic stimulus should be focused. The last thing we need is more commercial building (and vacancies) on the western part of town as the Route 1 corridor becomes desolate. Thanks for all your efforts, keep up the fight.
Ksd January 17, 2013 at 08:23 PM
Ok, so you don't want another CVS but 3 Rite Aids are ok. Funny how people oppose all these new things in NK, yet they are the first ones in there shopping when it opens.
NK Parent January 17, 2013 at 08:37 PM
Or perhaps because there is already a full-service pharmacy in Wickford Junction?
raven ciccone January 22, 2013 at 01:58 AM
Walmart is hardly full service. They have shorter hours and only order from their own wholesaler meaning they are frequently out of stock on meds with less selection and several days wait to complete prescriptions. All of the other drug stores in RI order from outside vendors overnight.
NK Politics January 22, 2013 at 02:57 PM
Park and Ride Politics. So let me get this right, the state is looking to sell a successful park and ride lot to CVS. So let me get this right, with multiple areas available within 1000 feet, the State and CVS insist on building at the park and ride lot. So let me get this right, the state is looking to relocate a free lot to a fee lot. So let me get this right, the NK Town Council and Planning Commission condoned this proposal. So let me get this right, as a sitting member of the NK Council, Mr. Bestwick looked to profit from this arrangement. So let me get this right, NK Town Council approved of Mr. Bestwick’s actions. Why is the State doing this? Who besides Mr. Bestwick is involved with this action? Hopefully Rep Costa is not being swallowed by RI politics. Hopefully Rep Costa stop’s this ridiculous effort. While appreciative of her efforts, many residents are looking forward to hearing back from Rep Costa letting residents know what and who is behind this proposal. Please, someone help NK and Exeter residents while ensuring that the people behind this are NOT allowed to profit at the expense of hard working -tax paying residents.


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