View Bristol Ballots Here

Take a look at all 9 ballots in Bristol, and find out where to vote tomorrow.

There's only one day left to make your decisions before heading to the polls Tuesday.

Don't be unprepared when you enter the voting booth. Take a look at the attached ballots so you know what to expect when you go to cast your vote. To view the ballot, open the link and click view - rotate view - clockwise. And check out the attached map to know where to vote and which ballot applies to you.

The presidential race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney highlights the ballot, of course, but an interesting race is shaping up for Congress between Rep. David Cicilline and former State Police Chief Brendan Doherty. And Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse faces a challenge from B. Barrett Hinkley III to represent Rhode Island in the Senate.


  • David Barboza and Antonio Teixeira square off for Bristol Town Administrator.
  • 15 candidates are vying to serve on the Bristol Town Council. Voters are to choose 5 among them. 
  • There is only one choice for Bristol's representatives on the Bristol-Warren Regional School Committee: voters are to choose 3 among just 3 candidates. 
  • Voters also have just one choice for Town Clerk — current Clerk Louis Cirillo is running unopposed.
  • Races for the state General Assembly vary by voting district. 

The reverse of the ballot features the 8 referenda up for consideration, highlighted by Question 4 to go to bond for $94 million to build a new Veterans Home in Bristol, and Question 1 to approve casino gambling in Rhode Island.

Find your district in the attached map to know your options. And make your case for your favorite candidate in the comments section below. Don't forget to vote!

Joe November 06, 2012 at 08:25 PM
WOW a believer in "Stalinism". Least you don't want to send people to a "gulag". Come back tonight and see how many do vote agaist these ill thought out bond issues. If after over 78 years of total DEM control of the Legislature and what shape were in because of it. You think the State is all cumbya and hunky dory lol. Thanks for the laugh. This vet is proud of his vote and since you have never said if you are a vet, I suspect not. Have a good cry tonight. lol
Fran Sousa November 07, 2012 at 03:17 PM
Jack and Marina thank God the Veterans' Home bond referendum was OVERWHELMING approved over your pesmistaic negative false statements and comments. Goes to show you the voters are much smarter than your negativity. Its negativity like yours that holds this state back. If you are so unhappy here move to another state
marina peterson November 07, 2012 at 03:42 PM
I am happy for you Fran, I know that you wanted to borrow this money very badly. The voters have spoken. That's why we live in America. I still don't quite understand what is negative about not thinking RI should take on any more debt. But it is a moot point now.
Joe November 07, 2012 at 04:03 PM
Being proud of more debt is hardly a virtue. Open your mouth in 10 years when we see what is done. A decade is still a rediculous timeline to do that building no matter how you slice it. Watch for the scandles that will surely come from this debacle. By the way over 20,000 voted against it so hardly it was hardly just 2 people as you seem to still blame. On the bright side for me Barboza is gone from the scene, so not a bad day on Bristol with Tony T as Administrator. Nice to want to relocate people who disagree with you. Still on the "Stalinism" kick huh. How sad.
b kcaj November 07, 2012 at 04:33 PM
Jack and Marina-For your information, the referendum for a new veterans home passed 80%-20%, which was a landslide. You two chronic complainers must really be crying in your cornflakes this morning-President Obama re-elected, David Cicciline re-elected, Kenny Marshall, Teresa Paiva-Weed, and Gordon Fox all winning in a landslide-it's great to be a Rhode Islander today-YAHOO!


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