WPD Arrest Man for Attacking Son Over Housekeeping

Woonsocket Police Headquarters is located at 242 Clinton St. Credit: Rob Borkowski
Woonsocket Police Headquarters is located at 242 Clinton St. Credit: Rob Borkowski
Woonsocket Police were called to 31 Chester St., Apt. 3R, after receiving an open 911 call from the address with yelling in the background. 

When Patrolman Craig Thompson arrived, he found Elisio Hernandez, 63, who lived in the apartment, outside, upset, who said he had been assaulted by his son.

Thompson entered the apartment, which was cluttered with Price Rite bags, clothing and miscellaneous items, speaking with Hernandez's son, who said Hernandez had attacked him and his fiance, who live at the apartment with Hernandez. The son said he had moved some of Hernandez's items, which littered the apartment, from the bathroom door so he could use the room, according to the officer's report.

When he did, Hernandez became enraged, he said, and shoved him into the bathroom. The son's fiance tried to separate them, but Hernandez pushed her away, advancing on him and tripping on his belongings before rising to his feet and punching his son in the face. 

The son said he fell to the ground, after which Hernandez tried to choke him and kicked him several times in the groin. The son's fiance tried to record the incident, but Hernandez shoved and punched her, causing her to fall into the kitchen stove, moving it out of place. 

The son eventually restrained Hernandez by holding his arms behind him until he calmed down, then let him go, he said, according to Thompson's report.

Thompson noted a laceration on the son's neck and the out of place stove and arrested Hernandez, charging him with four counts of domestic assault and battery. 


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