Woonsocket Police Log: Three Women Arrested After Attack On 20-Year-Old

The following arrest information was supplied by the Woonsocket Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

Woman jumped in fight over man

Deanna Garza, 24, and Brittney Garza, 18, of 395 Bernon St., and Jamie Marie Farquhar, 22, of 2133 Diamond Hill Rd. were all arrested for simple assault on Saturday after police answered a call reporting a fight at 129 Burrington St. A female at the scene told officers that while picking up her car from a friend's house, she was approached by three women who she recognized as Farquhar and the Garzas. According to the victim, 20-year-old Shayna Viens, the girls jumped her, throwing her to the ground and kicking her in the head. The beating continued until Viens's friend pulled her out and broke up the fight. 

Viens told police that the girls had given her trouble in the past because they thought she was sleeping with the father of Brittney Garza's child. A witness at the scene confirmed Viens's story and said that after he stopped the fight, the three girls ran off, then drove by in a few moments later. Police pulled over a vehicle matching the description given by the witness with all three women inside and took them custody.

City man picked up for hit and run, assault

Robert Douangmala, 25, of 7 Ward St. was arrested on Saturday for simple assault and failure in duty to stop. Douangmala was wanted for an incident that happened on July 25 in which he allegedly hit a vehicle operated by Bethany Rowe. Rowe told officers the "accident" stemmed from attempts by her and her friend Kristy Allarie to help Kristy's sister Vanessa Allarie move out of Douangmala's apartment. Kristy said that  when the girls told Douangmala Vanessa was leaving with the kids, he pushed her to the ground and hit her with an open hand before leaving the apartment.

Rowe left with Vanessa's children in case there was more fighting, but as she approached the intersection of Transit and Cross Streets, Douangmala allegedly cut her off. His vehicle struck the front driver's side bumper of Rowe's car leaving damage, and then fled the scene. Douangmala was arrested without incident on Saturday. 

Other police activity

Royce Henderson Jackson, 27, of 55 West Park Place was arrested at 219 Morin Heights for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest on Friday.

Linda Arocho, 20, of 25 Grand St. was arrested on Clinton Street for domestic assault.

Jesse James Hunt, 49, of 217 Rockridge Drive was arrested at home on Saturday for domestic assault and disorderly conduct.

Jon Anthony Foster, 45, of 70 West School St. was arrested on Saturday for shoplifting at Sears.

Dennis Mackay, 55, of 442 River St. was arrested at home on Saturday for domestic assault.


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