Woonsocket Police Log: Self Proclaimed Drug Dealer Hits Officer With Car

A look at police activity around the city from April 29 through May 2.

Traffic duty leads to felony assault

Maurice Godin, 26, of 35 Bennett St. was arrested early Monday morning for an incident that took place on April 25. Off. Daniel Lajoie was directing traffic on Carrington Avenue and reportedly watched Godin coming and going from a nearby residence throughout the afternoon. During one attempt to leave, Godin's passage was blocked by another vehicle in the road and he began to yell. Godin allegedly yelled at Lajoie as well to "do something." The vehicle blocking the road drove away, but Godin continued to yell, cursing at Lajoie and reportedly saying "That's why you f---ing cops will not catch me. You're too f---ing obvious. I'm a drug dealer and you'll never catch me."

Lajoie motioned for him to stop his vehicle, but Godin allegedly did not comply and instead continued yelling while driving slowly on the wrong side of the road. The officer finally got Godin to stop and approached his vehicle. Lajoie told Godin that his behavior constituted disorderly conduct and he needed to stop. Godin yelled that police were harassing him and said he was going to the station to file a complaint. Lajoie allegedly saw Godin begin to push on the gas pedal and grabbed his shirt, telling him their conversation was not finished. According to reports, Godin cut the wheel towards Lajoie, knocking him backwards with the vehicle and missing his foot by only an inch. Godin's vehicle hit the curb and sped off. Godin was charged with felony assault with a dangerous weapon, disorderly conduct, failure in obedience to a police officer and laned roadway violations.

Three police calls from one home lead to chase

Dishon Willie, 24, of 301 Carrington Ave.  was arrested early Tuesday morning after allegedly leading officers in a foot chase from 184 High St. Officers were first called to the residence on Sunday evening in an incident which led to an attempted arrest of Willie for possession of crack cocaine. Willie allegedly fled the scene in a struggle, in which Off. Robinson was injured.

Police were called back to the home at around midnight on Monday for complaints of an assault. April Meneses, who was arrested for assault against another woman in the home, told police she was hurt because earlier in the day Dishon Willie pushed her down the stairs.

Officers were again called to 184 High St. a few hours later and another female victim said she had been assaulted by Willie, showing injuries around her head and neck. She told police Willie had jumped out the window and fled on foot. Officers reportedly chased him several blocks before Willie was finally tasered and eventually cuffed. He was charged with possession of narcotics, two charges of resisting arrest and three charges of assault.

Shoplifter lands six narcotics charges

Jennifer Lanetta Hoefer, 26, of 76 Park Place was arrested on Friday after police received a call from a Walmart loss prevention specialist. The specialist told police that he had watched Hoefer take chocolate milk, several bags of candy and a box of Nutragrain bars off of the shelves and consume them while walking through the store, discarding the wrappers. Hoefer then allegedly tore open a container of quilts and began stuffing items into the packaging, as if to hide them. Hoefer also reportedly picked up two backpacks and proceeded to put perfume and cosmetics inside.

According to Walmart loss prevention, several customers observed the girl's behavior and were staring at her. Hoefer then abandoned her cart containing the stuffed backpacks and quilts and headed towards the exit. She was stopped by store security. During booking, police reportedly found a needle, a crack pipe, an aluminum container with $50 worth of crack cocaine and a bottle full of a variety of pills in her purse. The mix of pills included Clonazepam, ampetamines, Alprazolam and Hydrocodone.

Other police activity

Kyle Kavanagh, 26, of 105 Earle St. was arrested at home on Friday for domestic disorderly conduct, domestic assault, refusal to relinquish a phone and felony domestic assault.

Nelson Fernando Guzman, 38, of 109 Arnold St. was arrested at Vose True Value on Friday for felony shoplifting and charged with being a habitual offender.

Robert Lief, 33, of 27 Knight St. was arrested at Ye Olde English for two charges of possession of narcotics and driving without a license.      

Jason Ruggiero, 20, of 130 Carmen St. Cranston was arrested at Ye Olde English for possession of narcotics and obstructing an officer.

Ricky Joe Ogunwomoju, 25, of 303 Robinson St. was arrested on Sunday for disorderly conduct and domestic assault.

Emile Morris Cooper, 42, of 102 Providence St. was arrested on Monday for a bench warrant and two violations of a restraining order.

Dino Conte, 52, of 357 Mowry St. was arrested at Landmark Medical Center on Monday for possession of narcotics.  

Woonsocket Rocket May 06, 2011 at 01:03 AM
In the spirit of your namesake.........what a complete moron!
Gmoney May 07, 2011 at 10:44 PM
Yea drugs are running rampant...as usual...still...it's nothing new. This kid is fool who wanted to get caught, he probably only had anything to do with whatever drug he "sold" because he wanted the attention. This is why marijuana & some other illicit drugs need to be legalized, take away the criminal culture that is caused by prohibition.
julie June 27, 2011 at 07:39 PM
i love how you all sit hear acting like you know what your talking about with other peoples life when you have no idea just the idea of what other people say and what wanna be cops say that go around harising people because they have nothing better to do. next time think before you speak because you have no idea what your talking about or anything about peoples lifestyles who live like that.
gene June 27, 2011 at 07:45 PM
wow i thaught i wuz da only won hear dat can't spell or form a intelagint sentense. Tanks for da help.
STEPHEN WEBER June 27, 2011 at 09:09 PM
They should bring back the chain gangs...They could put all these crackheads and criminals in shackles, striped suits, and pink underwear like Sherriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County Arizona... The Woonsocket recidivism rates would drop like a stone if they put these criminals to work HARD LABOR and a lot of work would get done @ very little cost with a chain labor force of local criminals. ( MAYBE SOMEDAY)


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