Woonsocket Man, Sex Offender, To Serve 30 Months For Not Registering

Jamie Britt, 33, admitted to moving from Cumberland to Woonsocket without telling officials.


Jamie Britt, 33, of Woonsocket, a convicted level three sex offender who is required to register as a sex offender under both Rhode Island and Massachusetts law but failed to do so, was sentenced today in federal court in Providence to 30 months in prison, according to United States Attorney Peter F. Neronha and Jamie A. Hainsworth, U.S. Marshal for the District of Rhode Island.

U.S. District Court Chief Judge Mary M. Lisi ordered Britt’s federal sentence be served concurrent to a four-year state sentence for felony assault which Britt has been serving at the ACI since January 2012. Chief Judge Lisi ordered that Britt, upon completion of his state prison sentence, serve the remaining time of his federal sentence in federal prison, and that he serve a term of 10 years’ supervised release upon completion of his imprisonment.

On June 29, 2012, Britt pleaded guilty in federal court as charged in a one-count federal indictment with failure to register under the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act. Britt admitted to the court that he had moved from Cumberland to Woonsocket and failed to notify law enforcement of his change of address as required by law. Britt also admitted that he failed to register as a sex offender with law enforcement in Massachusetts where he was employed as required by law.

According to information presented to the court, Britt was convicted in Massachusetts in April 1998 of statutory rape.

The U.S. Marshals Service, with the assistance of the Woonsocket Police Department, investigated Britt’s SORNA violation. SORNA provides a comprehensive set of federal standards for sex offender registration and notification in the United States through a nationwide network of sex offender registration and notification programs. Additionally, SORNA requires registered sex offenders to register and keep their registration current in each jurisdiction in which they reside, work, or go to school, and to make periodic in-person appearances to verify and update their registration information.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Mary Rogers.

BarT September 21, 2012 at 05:37 PM
This registration stuff is kind of scary. Too Big Brother, Nazi or Puritan.
Still Hope September 21, 2012 at 07:52 PM
Dear Cumberland, We'll take your poor. We'll take your handicap. We'll even take your baby-mamas. But please keep your rapists. Thanks, The Woon
Rudy101 September 22, 2012 at 02:40 PM
It is a RIGHT to flee the sex offender registry and do whatever what one can do to avoid the registry. This can be done for many reasons: 1: the only outcome of the registry is the loss of safety and/or security of the offender. 2: the registry is only used to banish and harass regisrants. 3: there is no evidence that the public registry protect the community. 4: registry and/or registry laws are passed ex-post facto in violation of the U.S. Constutution and cannot be challenged or appealed. 5: it is assumed that a person on the registry will lose ALL civil rights without hearing and without challenge. More restrictive laws are passed on a yearly basis in legislatures. 6: the registry is a punishment applied outside of a court of law. 7: the registry violates the "separation of powers" doctrine by giving legislatures full control over who goes on the registry, for how long and does this by legislative fiat, who changes constantly registry requirements. 8: it is axiomatic that nobody has to follow laws passed and applied illegally. 9: throwing people into prison for made up crimes, applied to groups legislatures define and not offering any challenges or appeals is a violation of "equal protection under the law." 10: You people have FAILED in the most basic and fundamental aspects of government and that is when government wishes to regulate an individual they MUST use a court of law when doing so outside of a sentence.
Yvette M Ayotte September 22, 2012 at 11:07 PM
We have so many sex offenders here in Woonsocket, makes one want to run out of here fast. Check out the Woonsocket Police website and see for yourselves. So glad my kids are grown and my grandchild lives out of state.


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