Southborough Selectmen Offer WPD Capt. Paulhus Chief's Job

Chairman: Woonsocket officer impressed in interview with experience, professionalism, courtesy.

Woonsocket Police Captain Kenneth Paulhus has been offered the Southborough Police Chief job. CREDIT: WPD
Woonsocket Police Captain Kenneth Paulhus has been offered the Southborough Police Chief job. CREDIT: WPD
Editor's note: Originally posted Jan. 17, 2014 at 12:24 p.m. Updated at 6 p.m.

Last night Southborough Selectmen voted 2-1 to offer Woonsocket Police Capt. Kenneth Paulhus the Police Chief job.

Southborough Board of Selectmen Chairman Daniel L. Kolenda and Vice Chair William J. Boland voted for Paulhus. Selectman John F. Rooney, III backed the internal candidate, Southborough Lt. Shawn James. 

Worcester, MA Police Lt. Richard Bates was also a finalist for the position.  

Last night, all three Selectmen gave Paulhus their full support, Kolenda said when reached this morning. 

"Really, what stood out for me, Capt. Paulhus had what I view as more experience," Kolenda said. Paulhus has been a Woonsocket Captain for five years, and was a Lieutenant with the WPD for some time before that, Kolenda said.

Though James was the local candidate, he had only recently been promoted to Lieutenant. "We retained Lt. James as a Lieutenant, which is great," Kolenda said, "He has the opportunity to serve under a new chief, that brings with him a wealth and breadth of experience."

Paulhus currently serves as support captain for the Woonsocket Police Department, leading the internal affairs and professional standards division, training division, evidence and property, and maintenance. 

Woonsocket Police Chief Thomas Carey said Paulhus, who was at the department when he started in Woonsocket in 2008, has been with the WPD for more than 20 years. "I'm very happy for him," Carey.

Carey said he was aware that Paulhus aspired to be a chief of police himself one day, as are many experienced officers on any police force. He said Paulhus's success speaks well to the city's police force. "I think that it kind of validates that there's something good happening at the Woonsocket Police Department," Carey said.

Kolenda said he was impressed by Paulhus's professionalism, courtesy and confidence when he interviewed for the position Monday night. The Woonsocket officer also has solid people skills, which Kolenda said will be important in his role interacting and communicating with the Southborough community.

Kolenda could not say when Paulhus might begin as police chief, since he still needs to negotiate details of his employment, officially accept the position, and give the Woonsocket Police Department notice. 

Southborough is a small town with a population of 9,767 about 40 minutes north of Woonsocket on Rte. 495. The Southborough Police Department is comprised of 15 officers and 25 employees altogether. 

Common Sense January 17, 2014 at 05:57 PM
Well done! A perfect example of the great police department this City has!


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