Shotgun Used in Burrington Street Shooting Saturday

The following information was provided by the Woonsocket Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

Woonsocket Police records show officers arrested Damaso Hernandez Sr., 43, of 146 Burrington St., Saturday after he apparently fired two shotgun rounds at his son's vehicle during an argument

The son reported the incident to Woonsocket Police, telling them that his father possessed several weapons. Forewarned with that information, officers responded to the address, searching for evidence of the shooting, according to police reports. 

One officer found wadding from a shotgun shell outside the home during an initial search. (Later, after the arrest, an officer found shotgun shell casings outside the home.)

When officers attempted to get Hernandez to come outside to talk to them, first by phone and then by knocking on the door, he initially opened the door, stepped briefly outside, then retreated inside, slamming the door on the officers. Police knocked again, and Hernandez opened the door again. 

Fearing Hernandez might retrieve a weapon, two of three officers at the door grappled with him, grasping his arms. In their struggle, Hernandez and the officers fell inside the home, where a woman struggled to restrain a "pitbull" type dog growling at them, according to a report. 

The officers finally restrained Hernandez, arresting him. A search of the home turned up a shotgun, 9mm Ruger handgun, and AR-15 rifle, all loaded. Officers also found a musket style gun, a sword, pellet gun, and buck knife. Police seized them all as part of the investigation.

Woonsocket Police are charging Hernandez with two counts of domestic felony assault with a weapon, firing a weapon in a compact area, resisting arrest, and obstruction of justice.

He is scheduled for a pre-arraignment conference in Sixth District Court April 28.


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