UPDATE: Daniel Britt Found Safe in Washington State

Watch father Sean Britt's reaction after Woonsocket Police press conference here.

Sean Britt expresses relief that his son has been found safe Thursday night. CREDIT: Rob  Borkowski
Sean Britt expresses relief that his son has been found safe Thursday night. CREDIT: Rob Borkowski
"He's safe. That's all that matters to me," said a relieved and haggard Sean Britt of his son, Daniel, 6, found in Washington State this evening. 

Woonsocket Police Det. Sgt. Matt Ryan, also clearly fatigued, said police located Daniel and his mother, Andria, in Island County, WA, just north of Seattle. He said Andria's family convinced her to surrender herself, which was coordinated by the Island County Sheriff's Department and the Seattle Sheriff's FBI office.

Mother and son are in good health, and Daniel is in the custody of Washington's Department of Youth Services. Andria is in the Island County jail waiting arraignment as a fugitive from justice. She faces a charge of child snatching, which carries a two-year sentence.

Daniel's return to RI will be arranged within the next few days, Ryan said.

Police were originally focused on Washington, eventually learning that Andria and Daniel had spent a few days in Tennesee. Lt. Adam Remick said the two are believed to have spent the last four or five days in Washington State. 

Sean said he first learned that police had found Daniel this evening at a basketball game for the daughter of his girlfriend, Candy Hazard. He was reluctant to go, he said, but Candy insisted he needed to get out of the house. 

While they were at the game, he said, he answered a call, which turned out to be Ryan, telling him Daniel was found safe. "I was smiling. I don't think I stopped smiling," Sean said.

Sean said he's very happy Daniel will be home in time for his birthday, which is next Friday, when he'll get his pick of celebrations. "He wants to go to Monkey Joe's, we'll go to Monkey Joe's. He wants to go to Chucky Cheese, we'll go to Chucky Cheese," Sean said.

But, for now, Sean said, "I just want him to get some rest." Rest was also on Sean's agenda, "I'll be able to sleep a lot better than I have," in a while, he said.

UPDATE: 10:30 p.m.: 
Daniel Britt was found safe in Washington after family members convinced his mother to surrender, Woonsocket Police announced during a press conference Thursday night. Mother Andria Britt is facing charges of child snatching.

UPDATE, 9:05 p.m.:
The RI State Police have canceled the Amber Alert for Daniel Britt, 6, stating simply that the "subject has been located," on the website.

The Woonsocket Police Department has announced a 10 p.m. press conference at the Woonsocket Police Station tonight, to update the public on the case.

Stay posted to Woonsocket Patch for more information on this continuing story.

Editor's note: Originally posted Jan. 16, 2014 at 08:03 a.m. Edited to include update on police interview in Newton, MA at 8:23 a.m.:

Police have updated an Amber Alert issued yesterday for Daniel Britt, 6, believed to be traveling with his mother, Andria, possibly to Washington State, to include a 1992 Gray Chevy Astro Van which may be following her red 2004 Ford Focus. 
The van, with Washington State plates: ABR1512, belongs to Andria's father, according to the update, which could be following Andria's red Ford Focus, with RI plates, 942-649. The Focus has a yellow sticker that reads “Support your local farmers” on the driver side back bumper. Police said Daniel and Andria could be in either vehicle.

Last night, RIBNS posted on their twitter feed that Newton, MA police reported locating Andria via her cell phone, but Woonsocket Police Det. Matt Ryan said that report was not accurate. 

A report from CBS Boston, which has interviewed Daniel's father, Sean Britt, states it was Andria's sister's phone police were tracking in an attempt to locate the mother and son. NECN reports Woonsocket police interviewed a person of interest in the case there, which Ryan said is Andria's sister. He said the interview produced no significant lead in the case. 

The search for the missing six-year-old and his mother was upgraded to an Amber Alert late Wednesday afternoon. 

Earlier that afternoon, a Family Court Judge ruled there is an immediate risk of harm to the mother and child, and released details of Andria's psychological file to police, Ryan said.

Rhode Island State Police ask that if you have any information on the mother or boy's whereabouts, to call officers at 401-444-1000 or dial 911.

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virgil earp January 17, 2014 at 05:45 PM
I think missing kids should be made to repay all the tax dollars spent trying to find them. But we should let them spread it out over a few years, like with student loans. Otherwise all the kids will be wanting to "pull an amber."
Rob Borkowski January 21, 2014 at 07:38 PM
Virgil - Are you aware the boy in question was missing because his mother left the state with him against RI Family Court orders?
Still Hope January 21, 2014 at 08:26 PM
I think Virgil may have a point. Mom from Washington. Dad from Iowa. GF from Arizona. They all followed the beacon and arrived in the land of suckers.
virgil earp January 21, 2014 at 08:34 PM
You said it, Still Hope. Now all these little party people are gonna wanna "pull an amber."


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