Police Log: Valero Clerk Scares Away Hooded, Bandanna-Masked Robbers Wielding Guns

Gas station clerk frightened gunmen, telling them police were nearby.


Two gunmen in hooded sweatshirts and knit hats, faces covered by bandannas, attempted to rob Valero Service Station early Dec. 3, but were scared away when the clerk told them police were nearby.

The men did not take any money from the store.

Each robber showed a handgun, one dark green, the other black and silver, to the clerk, Nikhil Makhija, 55, immediately after entering, demanding, "Give us the money." But their resolve was no match for Makhija, who refused to cooperate. 

Woonsocket Police responded to a call about the attempted robbery at 5:54 a.m. and spoke to Makhija, who described the men and their demand. He said he replied by shouting and swearing at them, and they replied, "They're real," referring to the guns. 

Makhija said he continued yelling at the robbers, kicked a small divider door and pointed out the window, saying, "There's a cop, now." The robbers fled the shop without taking anything, running across Social Street toward Rathbun Street and Privledge Street while Makhija called police, according to the report.

Makhija said he was in fear for his life during the encounter, and would like to file a complaint. 


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