Police Log: Two Arrested For Assaulting Man From Behind

The following arrest information was supplied by the Woonsocket Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.


Woonsocket Police arrested Ryan James Gaumond, 18, of 406 Old River Road, apt. 2, Manville, RI and Robert M. Belanger, 18 of 195 Boyden St., Woonsocket, at Belanger's house Sept. 23, 2:28 p.m., charging each with felony assault for sneaking up behind Aaron Gay and striking him in the head Sept. 22.

Police were alerted to the assault by Gay's mother, who called to tell them his friends had driven him to his dormitory at Rhode Island College after he was assaulted at a party the previous night in Woonsocket, suffering serious injury to his head. 

Mrs. Gay reported that her son's roommate, a paramedic, contacted 911 after observing his condition. Aaron was transported to Rhode Island Hospital, where they performed surgery on him for swelling to his brain, and treated him for a broken nose.

Det. Thomas Gormley visited Aaron in the hospital, noting that he had a large incision in his head from the surgery.

Aaron told Gormley he had been at a party at 195 Boyden St., first floor, and decided to leave because he, "wasn't feeling good vibes." He and his friend made it to his car parked nearby on Boyden Street when a man followed them out of the building and began saying something to him. Aaron responded, saying, "Come say that to my face."

Before the man from the house could do so, someone else struck Aaron from behind, making him stumble over, grasping his friend's arm for support. While he was stooped over, he saw a man (later identified as Belanger) approach and punch him in the head. He said he then saw Belanger and a second man running away.

After speaking with two young women who witnessed parts of the assault, Gormley was able to identify Gaumond and Belanger as the men who assaulted Aaron.

The two were located and arrested at Belanger's house later Sept. 23.




Trisha Ledger October 02, 2012 at 12:38 PM
That part of Boyden Street has been a problem for decades. It's ridiculously obvious that the school was there long before this happened because no one in their right mind would put an elementary school in the middle of all that. And the landlords that own property over there are completely delusional about their rents! "This is really close to the North End, let me charge $900 for a two bedroom crackerbox with no parking!"


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