Police Log: Officer Intercepts Burglar On The Run

The following arrest information was supplied by the Woonsocket Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.


Oswald Torres, 20, of 4 Memorial Dr., on the run from police attempting to arrest him for a burglary on Dulude Avenue Sept. 22, didn't elude officers for long.

At about 4:36 a.m., Patrolman Jesse Nunnemacher responded to 230 Dulude Ave., where a witness had detained a man he said had tried to break into his home.

While en route, dispatch informed Nunnemacher that the suspect had escaped from the witness and was running away from Dulude Avenue down Robinson Street.

Nunnemacher responded from the Elbow Street section of Robinson Street with his cruiser's lights "darked out" to avoid alerting the fleeing burglar. He saw Torres run through the intersection of Robinson Street and Burnside Avenue, exited his cruiser with weapon drawn, announced himself as an officer and ordered Torres to the ground. Torres hesitated, but ultimately relented and followed Nunnemacher's orders.

A few moments later, another officer arrived and helped to handcuff Torres, who appeared extremely winded from the morning's exertions.

On his way to the station, according to the report, Torres told the officer that his "...boy told him to," break into the house.


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