Police Log: Men Found Out Escorting Roommate To Report Their Fraud

One man arrested in bank, one man arrested after 20-minute run from police.


Perhaps David Schrieves, 33, 180 Ave. C, apt. 1 and Matthew Chandler, 40, 136 Jenckes St., didn't think Christine Barrette, 45, had figured out they'd been stealing from her when they accompanied her to Sovereign Bank on Social Street to sort out her finances Nov. 30 at about 3:30 p.m.

The notion apparently dawned on them when employees called police to the bank. As officers arrived, a bank employee pointed Schrieves out to them, as he was leaving, and they held him there, according to Sgt. Kevin Sanford's report. 

Chandler, seated near Barrette as she discussed her account at a desk with a bank employee, stood up and walked out of the bank before he could be stopped.

Barrette showed a photocopy of a check made out to Chandler for $275. She said she hadn't made the check out to him, and that it had been forged. She said she also suspected Schrieves and Chandler of using a debit card issued to her account to make several withdrawals totaling $4,198.98. All three live together on Jenckes Street, she said.

While police were speaking with Barrette, Chandler made his escape from the bank, but his flight was short-lived. Officers chased him on foot toward Clinton Street, aided by passers-by who directed them toward Chandler.

About 20 minutes later, Sanford, who had left the bank to search for Chandler, was driving on Hamlet Avenue toward Court Street when he spotted the thief. Sanford pulled his cruiser into a driveway, blocking his path, and arrested him, taking him to police headquarters on Clinton St.

Schrieves was also arrested and transported to police headquarters.  

Chandler was charged with fraudulent use of credit cards, bank fraud, conspiracy and obtaining money under false pretenses.

Schrieves was charged with fraudulent use of credit cards, two counts of larceny under $1,500, and conspiracy.

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Haavey December 06, 2012 at 04:02 PM
LOL...Christine Barrette, now there's a name I haven't heard in a while. She is not a nice person.


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