Police Log: Man Comes To Sister's Aid, Takes Punch To Face

The following arrest information was supplied by the Woonsocket Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.


On Oct. 2 at 8:46 p.m. Woonsocket Police Officer Andrew Broccoli responded to an Arnold Street address for a report of a woman with a child being held against her will.

Once at the location, Broccoli met up with a man, Raul Roman Jr., who said the father of his sister's child, Misael Alicea, 21 of 123 Arnold St., apt. 2 had just punched him in the face. Broccoli observed a red, swelling mark on Raul's face. The man said he had used OC spray in his defense, for which he had a permit.

Raul said he was speaking with his sister while on the way to pick her up when he noticed she was crying. She said her boyfriend, Alicea, had taken her car keys and was not letting her leave. He called police prior to arriving and asked them to meet him at the scene.

When he arrived Raul saw his sister in her car, with Alicea backing away from it. His sister told him Alicea still had her keys. 

Raul secured his sister and her child in his own car. While he was still outside his car, Alicea began to approach Raul agressively, and Raul backed away, trying to avoid a confrontation. 

Alicea closed with Raul and punched him in the face, and Raul responded by spraying him with pepper spray. Alicea retreated to his house to wash off the chemical.

While Raul was speaking with Broccoli, two other officers found Alicea in his home, washing the spray off his face, and arrested him without incident. 

Raul's sister told police she was supposed to go grocery shopping with Alicea that day, but the two had gotten into an argument about whether or not she would sell her cell phone. 

Alicea began yelling at her and calling her names, and she asked him to leave. He refused, and instead reached over to pull her keys out of her car's ignition, reportedly saying, "Your'e not going anywhere."

The woman got out of the vehicle and tried to grab the keys back, knocking them to the ground. She knelt to pick them up and was pushed to the ground by Alicea, according to the report, causing minor scratches to her left hand and left shin.

She retreated to her car, accidentally taking Alicea's keys with her as well, and he followed her, demanding his keys back, threatening to break her windows. The woman said she threw the keys out the car window to get him to leave. 

Instead, Alicea began demanding the cell phone she was supposed to sell, and blocked her in her car trying to get it from her, elbowing her in the face, holding her down and ripping her left pants pocket, eventually getting the phone from her. At about this time, she said, Raul arrived.

Police arrested Alicea and charged him with domestic assault, domestic disorderly conduct, and simple assault. 


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