Police Log: Man Arrested For Calibrating BB Gun From Apartment

Neighbor complained of shots hitting house, property.


Michael Gaulin, 55, of 260 Estes St., apt. 2, was aiming his BB gun out the window of his second-story apartment for accuracy, but he scored a cell at the Woonsocket Police Department instead.

On Oct. 7, officers were called to the area by a neighbor, John Bileau, of 7 Dewey St., who said one of his tenants had called to tell him someone was firing a BB gun at the building. He said that a tenant pointed out a BB gun barrel pointing out of a window the 260 Estes St., and he heard two shots from the gun.

Bileau said a week earlier, someone had shot about a dozen BB pellets into his building. 

Officers went to Gaulin's apartment to speak with him. Gaulin answered the door, saying, "I know why you're here. It's because I'm shooting my BB gun out the window."

Gaulin let officers in and directed them to two BB guns he'd used. Both were seized. Gaulin said he'd been zeroing his BB guns from the window, intending to shoot out the lights of any vehicle driven by people trying to steal pumpkins or shoot BB guns in the neighborhood. 

Officer Scott Breguet explained his BB shots could go into the yard behind the house, since there was nothing preventing them from doing so. Gaulin argued that was impossible. 

Breguet arrested Gaulin, charging him with firing without a landowner's permission (for the BB pellets that went though Bil

eau's yard) and firing in a compact area. 

woonyrocket401 October 17, 2012 at 03:23 PM
The name of the landlord is John Bileau, not bibeau, at 79 Dewey St. This guy Michael Gaulin was shooting BB's at our apartment, and actually shot out the window of the first floor apartment where there are two young children living.


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