Police Log: Disorderly Man Booted From Eatery, Wrenches Locked Doors Open

The following arrest information was supplied by the Woonsocket Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.


Police arrested Bernard Joseph Bernard, 68, of 81 Mitris Boulevard at 5:56 p.m. Sept. 30 at Vintage Restaurant after he got thrown out for starting a fight, then wrenched open the eatery's locked doors trying to get back in.

Police responded to the restaurant at 4 South Main St., for a report of an unwanted man at the establishment. When they arrived they found Bernard lying on the building's front steps kicking at several people. He was arrested after a brief struggle.

The restaurant manager told police Bernard had entered the restaurant earlier in the evening and had immediately begun yelling at and harassing a couple at the bar. Without provocation, according to the report, he lunged at the man, grabbing his shirt and punching him. 

Two men in the restaurant pulled Bernard away from the man, removing him from the bar, knocking over chairs and getting punched by Bernard several times in the process. They eventually put him outside the restaurant, telling him that he should wait there for police, who had been called. Bernard fell down outside the restaurant. 

Bernard stood, grabbed the doors, which had been locked behind him, and violently wrenched at them, breaking the locks and splitting the door slab. Bernard tried to get back into the restaurant after that, but staff members pushed him back outside, where he fell down the stairs. Bernard stayed lying on the stairs, where he continued to kick at the staff until police arrived.

According to the report, there were several patrons in the restaurant at the time who promptly paid their bills and left without finishing their meals. One woman appeared to be having a panic attack after the incident. 

Owner Michael Danahy arrived and spoke to police, telling them that he wished to press charges for the incident, including $2,000 damage to the restaurant's doors. 

Danahy also provided police with video footage of the incident which confirmed Bernard as the aggressor that night. Bernard was also never served alcohol in the restaurant. 

Bernard was transported to Landmark Medical Center, where he was treated for several cuts from falling on the stairs. He continued his belligerent behavior on the way to the hospital, but calmed down after being treated. Oh his way to police headquarters, he said he didn't remember anything that happened that evening, according to the report.

Bernard was charged with disorderly conduct and vandalism.


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