Police Log: Damaged Car Driven By Man Wanted For Stealing Percocet

Bellingham resident arrested for warrant, driving without license.

The 2002 Hyundai Elantra Gregory Hurst, 43, of 7 Stone St., Bellingham, MA, was driving July 25 sported some heavy damage to its back end, including a hanging tail light, an inadvisably high-profile ride for a man with no license and an outstanding warrant.

Hurst drove past an officer at 1:06 a.m. in the area of River Street who saw the damage to the car and pulled him over. It shortly became clear that while Hurst didn't have a license, he did have a warrant for his arrest on a charge of stealing $40 worth of Percocet, a controlled substance, from the at 45 Cumberland St.

Next, the officer did some checking to find out how the car Hurst was driving got damaged. A few phone calls revealed that Hurst had banged up the car in the driveway at his girlfriend's house earlier that day.

Hurst was arrested on the warrant for stealing the Percocet, a felony, and was also charged with driving after denial of his license.


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