Police Log: Woman Arrested For DUI After Fishtailing On Slushy Street

The following information was provided by the Woonsocket Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.


While on Roland Street for an unrelated vandalism report, Officer Jason Berthelette saw the gray 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee driven by Denise Spear, 49, of Harrisville fishtail as it turned left onto the road from Diamond Hill Avenue.

The street was not plowed well, according to Berthelette's report, cleared to only one lane, with about six inches of snow and slush remaining. The Jeep continued at about 30 miles an hour, and Berthelette could only pursue at about 20 mph safely, he wrote.

Another officer was at the opposite end of the street and was able to stop the Jeep. Driving it was Spear, who said she was not aware she'd been speeding. Berthelette reported her breath also smelled of alcohol, and her speech was slurred and delayed. Berthelette conducted a sobriety test in a cleared parking lot nearby, which she failed. 

Berthelette arrested her, ultimately charging her with driving under the influence of alcohol and failing to submit to a chemical test. 


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