Man, Searching for Lens, Arrested for Crack Dec. 7

Woonsocket Police arrested a local man Dec. 7 for possession of controlled substances, including crack, who claimed he was in a back lot searching for a missing lens from his glasses, while in possession of two intact pairs.

Officer Linden Karsner was patrolling near Quick Mart on Diamond Hill Road at 10:31 a.m. that day when she spotted a white sedan parked diagonally across the rear lot, where there were no official parking spaces, and decided to check on the car. 

The officer spoke with the driver, Ronald C. Conte, 58, of 385 Village Road, Apt. 44, asking what he was doing at the rear of the building. Conte said he was there searching for the missing lens of his glasses, which he had accidentally thrown away, according to her report.

Karsner noted in her report that Conte was wearing an intact pair of glasses, and she could also see a second pair of intact eyeglasses on the passenger seat of the car. Karsner reported she asked Conte how many pairs of glasses he had, and the man told her he had two.

Karsner searched Conte, finding four blue pills she later identified as Diazepam, a controlled substance, which Conte claimed was valium, for which he had a prescription at home. In Conte's car, she found a white substance later identified as crack cocaine. 

Karsner arrested Conte, transported him to Woonsocket Police headquarters, and charged him with two counts of possession of schedule I, II, II, IV, V drugs, felonies. 


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