Police Log: Burglar Arrested Returning To Scene Of The Crime

This arrest information was provided by the Woonsocket Police. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.


Woonsocket Police report a city man committed a classic criminal blunder early Wednesday morning, returning to the scene of his burglary the previous day for a second raid.   

According to police reports, Percy Eugene Standifer, 25, 136 East St., apt. 2R, was caught breaking into the Mason Street Quick Mart at 12:15 a.m. the second time in two nights, stealing a total of about $865.

On Tuesday at about the same time, Officer Christopher M. Bouvier reports he responded to the same location for a burglary, but didn't locate the suspect. The suspect had kicked in the rear door to break into the business, taking $630.

The next night, a second alarm summoned Bouvier to Quick Mart, where the back door had been kicked in again. Two other officers responded to the scene with him, and he and Officer Jeffrey Gagnon entered the store through the kicked-in door, firearms drawn. The two announced their presence and ordered anyone in the building to show themselves with their hands up. 

The two split up, and Gagnon heard a noise, and called to whomever was making it, repeating the order to come out with their hands up. Standifer did so, saying, "I'm right here," according to Gagnon's report. Bouvier joined Gagnon and placed handcuffs on Standifer as Gagnon covered him. 

A search revealed no one else in the store. Near where Standifer had been hiding, officers found two knives and a change drawer. They also found a cigar box with coins inside. Standifer was also in posession of $235.45. 

The owner of the store, Mazhar Sheikh, arrived and told police there was about $200 missing from the store.

Standifer was arrested and charged with breaking into the store twice. During processing at  the station, reports state Standifer told police, without being prompted, "Forty-five dollars of that money is mine. The rest I took from the store. Make sure I get my $45."


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