Op-Ed: Patch Readers Pull Through for Local Children

Family sees a great turn out for the toy drive!

It was a success!  The Toy Drive that was held at the Auger residence last evening broke expectations.  As was explained in the article entitled it was hoped that enough toys would be collected to fill one pick-up truck.  Thanks to modern technology such as Facebook, where people shared and reposted the article, a pick-up truck was filled within the first 45 minutes of the drive.  By the end, there were enough toys to fill two and a half pick-ups!

Just before the drive began last evening, a gentleman from Cumberland came to the Auger residence.  No one knew who he was.  He and his wife had been searching for a smaller organization to donate toys to. They read the and decided to stop by.  In talking with the Augers, the man relayed to them how when he was a boy growing up in North Providence his family could not afford much.  If it hadn’t been for organizations that the Augers and police volunteer for, there would have been many years where he and his family would have had nothing at Christmas.

The Toy Drive was held in memory of Ron Auger, a beloved son and brother, who loved Christmas and was a big supporter of the police department toy drive.  Participating in and having the toy drive at their home is a way that the Augers honor their son's memory.  What a beautiful gesture. 

Do you believe in things happening for a reason or guardian angels?  The toy drive was almost cancelled yet I cannot help but wonder if there was a guardian angel named Ron pulling some strings behind the scene.  It was a week ago when I was taking the bus back to my home in North Providence.  I was putting my bike on the front of the bus in Kennedy Plaza when I looked up at the bus driver and saw a familiar face that I have known my whole life.  It was Ron’s father OJ. When I got on the bus I said to the driver, “Please take me home!” 

Not recognizing me, as I was bundled up because of the cold weather, he had a puzzled grin on his face then started laughing when he saw who it was.  During the ride, we started to catch up, talking about our families and what we have been up to in recent years.  He began to tell me about the toy drive dilemma.  It had been up in the air as to whether or not the toy drive would take place, but it was decided to at least try a last minute effort.  They were trying to get the word out as best they could with the limited time they had.  I told him that I contribute to Woonsocket Patch and that I would see what I can do about writing an article.  The next day I stopped by the Auger residence and visited with OJ’s wife Jeanne. She used to babysit me when I was a kid.  She filled me in on a lot of the details and put me in touch with Det. Sgt. John Scully of the police department for further details.  With the article written, I hoped for the best.  What are the chances that I would run into a friend, who drives a bus, who would happen to be driving the route that I take to go home? 

Whatever it was it worked! Thank you to, you, the readers of Woonsocket Patch.  It is because of you that underprivileged children in our community will have a happier Christmas.  Without you, those children would have had nothing to open on Christmas Day.

Thank you to the Augers, Det. Sgt. Scully and the Woonsocket Police
Department for helping to make this a happier holiday season for so many.  

Merry Christmas!

Christine Sylvestre-Snoek December 19, 2011 at 06:10 PM
A beautiful article!!!! I know Ronnie was watching over them as he always is!
English first December 19, 2011 at 07:52 PM
Woonsocket and Cumberland residents are so generous. Merry Christmas
Lynn B December 20, 2011 at 08:59 AM
Its wonderful to read,and hear about such kindness In Woonsocket.Thanks to everyone involved.


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