LETTER: Seeking Workers of Mill Complex

Video will be shot.

Dear Editor:

I am working with the Plastics Group of America, the company that is undertaking the restoration of the Jules Desurmont Mill complex in Woonsocket. As part of their efforts, they are trying to create a historical video about the site that they can include on their website.

For that video, they are seeking to interview people who had previously worked at the Mill complex. I am hoping that if you publish this letter, some people who fit this profile might read it and contact me so that we could talk. 

My email address is gczar@comcast.net. I can also be reached by phone at 781-893-3389.

I would love the opportunity to speak with some former workers and get their perspective on what it was like working in the complex “back then” and what they think of its proposed restoration.

Thanks in advance for your help with this undertaking.


Greg Czarnowski

PR & Marketing Consultant

Plastics Group of America


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