Letter: My Position Regarding Central Coventry Fire District

By John R. Assalone


Dear Editor,

It is time to shut down Central Coventry Fire District. Taxpayer’s meeting Monday, Dec. 10th at Coventry High School. In my opinion, we are in this fiscal disaster because of dirty contracts negotiated between Capt. David Gorman for the union and with board members that are or were firefighters and out of control spending.

In 2006, when the fire companies merged, there was almost $1 million in surplus. As of this date, the CCFD deficit is in the vicinity of $2.5 million. The board members that approved all these contracts and spending were totally incompetent – managerially and fiscally. These will be the same people asking for what we estimate to be a new $3.00 tax rate or a 65% increase in your taxes!  

The shut down should occur in an orderly manner. They should be put into bankruptcy with would eliminate all incurred debt, sell off all assets and be reorganized with Anthony, Western Coventry and Hopkins Hill. 

The new lines should be drawn by and agreed upon with the above departments from input from a public safety committee including council, police, fire, fiscal advisors and public members. It would be starting off with no debt and an anticipated income of over $6 million. There should be no new debt incurred by the above mentioned tax payers and their district.

It is outrageous that an average cost per run for CCFD is approximately $2,067!! Western Coventry has a surplus, not a deficit, with an average cost per run of approximately $1,080. Hopkins Hill has never run a deficit in 60 years, has a current surplus of approximately $500,000, had 3 tax decreases in the last 5 years and cost per run is approximately $526. In an adjacent community with the Hope/Jackson Fire Dept., which covers 59 sq miles, they have an average cost per run of $46.*

In addition to the proposed budget which will be offered Monday evening, no solid figures have been disclosed yet…what’s new about this??? And we are only four days away from the meeting! Based on what has been said, you can expect a very substantial increase between now and the next 5 years.

It will take at least a $3.00 rate or a 65% increase in your tax bill to get to the $6 million budgeted and to pay off a $2.5 million debt! And that’s forever! This new rate WOULD NOT INCLUDE new equipment and contractual obligations.

Tax payers should consider themselves stockholders that were betrayed  by the board and Captain Gorman. You can rise above any fear tactics that may be used or thuggish activities and come to this meeting and cast your vote.

*Some of the other fire departments mentioned use certified firefighters and EMTs of B and C certification (the highest levels). At a public meeting prior to CCFD's special mastership, Capt. David Gorman, union leader, stated that he would not allow qualified men and women to volunteer as he considers volunteers unprofessional.

John R. Assalone – Concerned Taxpayer

Cell: (401) 226-4114

E-mail: CallJohn@assalone.com


Editor's Note: When asked to respond to the above claim, Capt. Dave Gorman said the following: 

"Just because John Assalone says something doesn't mean its the truth. I never said that. I've never considered volunteers unprofessional whatsoever. I was a volunteer once myself, for five years prior to getting hired and I've never forgotten where I came from."

Another Voter December 10, 2012 at 10:06 PM
Hey Living, thanks for pointing out the same thing that others have. if he no longer lives in town he can not be regestered to vote in town and can not be involved in town or fire district issues. Wake up people he will ruin us all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DBB December 10, 2012 at 10:29 PM
Assalone has everything to do with this. C'mon you that blind! The man is a relentless. He wants tax break after tax break! He is a manipulating coward for his own personal agenda/gain!
LivingInTheWrongState December 10, 2012 at 11:07 PM
It has nothing to do with Assalone. I don't have to like him to think that what the CCFD has done with money is wrong. I will say it again and this is the information that came out in the last meeting. There is a 2.5 million dollar deficit, the sum of the unpaid taxes as of last year was 859,000. When you do the math that is a difference of 1,641,000 (one million six hundred and forty one thousand dollars). Now consider that there was a 1 million dollar surplus when the merge occurred. So please explain where 2.64 million dollars has gone.
JMac December 12, 2012 at 12:22 PM
Mohawk, I TOTALLY agree. Nicely said.
the dangler April 04, 2013 at 05:58 AM
Have you ever eaten a pancake topped with human blood? I have, it tasted like a bloody pancake. I'm glad all the fire trucks went away, they are very scary and they make me sad. One time a fire truck came to my house and the man with the red plastic hat chopped a hole in my dads roof with a wood chopper. He was more scary then his big red fire truck. What...... but I don't want to go back in my cage


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