Letter: Lew Pryeor Introduces Himself To Voters

Dist. 24 primary candidate asks for voters support Sept. 11.



Hello, my name is Lew Pryeor. I am running for Senate District 24 in the Sept. 11 primary. I'm still new in Woonsocket, so let me tell you a little about myself:

Heritage , family has always been an interest of mine. My last name was originally Przeor, when my great grandfather came over from Poland. My nana was his wife was from Germany. On my mom’s side, it’s all French, three brothers from Canada (Lacasse) married three sisters from Canada (Flamand).  I grew up in Providence, went to Classical High School and then Graduated from RI College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business management.

In Providence it was my grandparents on the first floor, aunt and uncle on second and we lived on the third. It was in the Olneyville section and it was great growing up there.

In my late twenties, I moved with my life partner, Pierre Leveillee, (we have been together 33 years) to Warwick. There I got involved and was president of the Apponaug Area Improvement Association  for 11 years. I also was involved with St. Catherines Church Council where I served as Chair of Christian activities, vice president and president. I then joined the Knights of Columbus. I also was on the board of Warwick community greenhouse.

Then, I got the political bug and ran for Warwick city council of Ward 8. I served on the city council for six years and was chair of the finance committee and the ordinance committee. I dealt with many developers, since my area was part of Cowesset and also the Rte. 2 area.

I was active in saving open space and I worked with many of the general assembly members to get Warwick its share from the state. I also owned Peterpots Flowers for 20 years . While the economy was doing great, we had five shops and 35 employees. The economy was changing and so were the trends of flower buyers. While we had the shop many of my employees were like an extended family. I required my employees to get their GEDs and I had 10 employees graduated with their GEDs in hand. Three of the kids were close to me, two still live with me with their families, which gives me the advantage of having some great grandchildren.

My partner Pierre Leveillee's father was ill so we moved to west warwick to take care of him . After he passed away we decided it was time to move to a new home and new life.  I looked around to find what I thought would be a good neighborhood to bring up the kids. I came to Fairmount and saw Sacred Heart church, the local schools, Costa park and the Blackstone river. This was it.

I liked the diversity of the neighborhood, the architecture of the buildings in and about the city. Woonsocket seemed pretty good. I also had a new job ‑ I am a CNA with Homefront Health care and it has an office walking distance from my home at 231 Second Ave. So, after getting settled, I decided to get active again in the community.

Father Bengford got me involved by saying he needed help to run the parish craft fair. No one was signing up, so I volunteered. Last year it went great - I served as chair and I am chair again this year and we are even expanding the festival, which will be Oct. 13 and 14, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.  I hope to see you there.

The Fairmount neighborhood, like many, needs improvement. So I decided to see how I could serve the community again. I looked at the positions and what the members of the General Assembly from this area were doing - some not too much, at all. I saw how the present Senator from District 24, after 18 years, has no clout , no influence, and hasnt really done anything after all that time.

So I decided to run for Senate District 24. Woonsocket needs someone to dedicate themselves to serve the city, Woonsocket needs someone in the Senate that can work with others on the GA to bring something back to the city. So I ask you, How many of you can say Woonsocket has improved in the past 18 years? Have your streets become safer? Can you walk safely through the city with out fear of getting run over? Are you financially secure now, or living week to week? I love RI and I want my kids and grandkids to stay in RI.

I hope you give me a chance and vote for me. I have primary with the incumbent. That is all I need to win to serve you, the people of district 24. I know people don’t like to vote in primaries. Well, I need your support if I am to work for you. Please, on Sept. 11, go to the polls and give me, Lewis Pryeor, a chance to be your next senator of District 24.  Again, thank you for your time and remember to vote Lew Pryeor for District 24 senate seat.

—Lew Pryeor

Leo Tiberius Fontaine August 26, 2012 at 12:19 PM
If he learns how to play the guitar,he'll be hard to beat.I'll keep my eyes on him!
Russell Archambault August 26, 2012 at 09:24 PM
times running out. lets get some dirt on him before its too late ! why from warwick to woonsocket.
Russell Archambault August 26, 2012 at 09:26 PM
I dont trust anyone with a mustach. hey ward jr. see if he will shave that off for us. I need to see his upper lip, to see if hes telling the truth!
Marc Beauregard August 26, 2012 at 11:16 PM
Good luck to you Lew. Haven't met you yet but I hear your working hard.


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