Demand and Support E-Verify

In May 2014, RI’s unemployment number was 45,619.  We can cut that number in half by denying jobs to those not legally authorized to work in the U.S. and R.I.  Support E-Verify for all new hires.  Tell your public officials you do NOT want taxpayer dollars going to illegal workers. 

From: The Federation for American Immigration Reform


Illegal aliens come to the United States to take jobs that offer them greater opportunity, and they are often welcomed by U.S. employers who are able to hire them for wages lower than they would have to pay to hire U.S. workers. This employment is illegal under a law enacted in 1986, but some employers ignore the law and hire illegal workers in the underground economy. Others simply accept fake employment documents and hire the illegal workers as if they were legal. Because there is no requirement to verify documents presented by workers, employers can easily evade compliance.

The illegal alien workers are mostly persons who sneaked into the country — nearly all Mexicans or Central Americans who enter from Mexico. There is also, however, illegal entry across the border with Canada, with apprehensions by the Border Patrol of more than 6,000 aliens in 2010. There is also a significant portion of the illegal alien population that arrives with visas and stays illegally. These ‘overstayers' are estimated variously to between one- third and 40 percent of the illegal alien population.


The defenders of illegal aliens — ethnic advocacy groups, employer groups, and church-based groups — often assert that illegal aliens only take jobs unwanted by U.S. workers. This is patently false because they are working in jobs in which U.S. workers are also employed — whether in construction, agricultural harvesting or service professions.


FAIR's estimate of the number of illegal aliens in the Rhode Island workforce as of March, 2013 – 25,075.

Heavy G June 30, 2014 at 03:04 PM
I believe in immigration but you have to have phased in immigration. It needs to be controlled. Ellis Island was an island for reason to quarantine from disease. If I lived in a third world country I would be trying to get in here also to feed my family and have a better life. But it is the job of the Federal government to secure the borders. And they need to uphold the constitution and the law. Everyone talks about amnesty well then why don’t we just let everyone from every country in. Fly all the refugees from every country here and support them. Would that be a wise move? Bottom line is this is about votes and cheap labor so Corporations can make more money and pay less. I would rather see my government shut down the border and work with the leaders in Central America to promote business and trade. Work to help them create industries we have a need for and foster trade. We are becoming Canada companies are starting to label product just like Canada but instead of French on one side it is Spanish and English on the other. I don’t know about you people but I don’t want to be Canada!!
Still Hope June 30, 2014 at 05:14 PM
I've said it before, I actually appreciate Russell's point of view. I don't always agree, but at least he seems to back it up with some sort of logic or insight...even if he is grasping at straws. He is blunt, direct, and often rude, and if you don't know that by now then i question your ability to reason. With that said, ever since Yvette jumped ship, she has posted nothing but empty rhetoric. How many times do we need to here how evil the mayor is, how liberals are poisoning the Earth, and that life in Massachusetts is 107 times easier and cheaper than living in the Woon. At this point it would make sense for Yvette to go team up with the anti-pit bull guy so I can just skip both pieces of garbage at the same time. Otherwise, if you have something constructive to add...by all means. Until then, be ready for Russell to fire back at your pathetic lobs for attention.
William Perry June 30, 2014 at 07:51 PM
Everyone reading and posting here should understand that there are very sensible reasons for our immigration laws. That there is a huge difference between "legal" and "illegal immigration". That illegal immigration IS illegal and nullifies to the very good reasoning for the laws having been established. The U.S., like every other country on earth, has established immigration laws to protect the sovereignty of the country as well as meet the wants and needs of the country and its citizens. Our immigration laws need to be enforced. Can the process for legal immigration be streamlined and improved? From what I hear there is plenty of room for improvement. Should our immigration laws be scrapped our ignored because they are not perfect? Not just NO, but HELL NO!
Heavy G July 01, 2014 at 07:25 AM
Face the facts we have no southern border. Obama does not want a border. Nancy Pelosi is down there saying this is great!! She is a delusional chucky doll. The border is gone and executive order will be used to grant amnesty and obtain more votes for the liberals.


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